Burgled “BTC” insurer refusing to pay. Be warned! Pregnant nanny fearing redundancy. Ravenstone school Ofsted report published.

Last Updated on : 27th January 2014

Burgled "BTC" insurer refusing to payDear South West London Mum,

“Can you look in the key box for me?”

Mr NVN was on the phone and as I’d expected him to be cycling home as part of his new fitness regime the call was a little unexpected.

I opened the key box.

“Is there one that says bike lock on the label?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

He cursed.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“Trying to unlock my bike from a rack in Goodge Street but obviously left the padlock key at home,” he said.

“Its a long story but I can’t get back into the office so I’ll have to catch the tube.”

He sighed.

“I feel a right wally as I’m in all my Lycra.”

Mr NVN was not built for the illuminated MAMIL (middle-age-man-in-Lycra) look.

Every time he gets on his bike I expect him to be joined by Tinky and LaLa.

Fifteen minutes later my Blackberry pinged with an email.

“Drunk hen party just got on tube at Leicester Square.

“They keep cackling, taking photos and asking if they can take me for a ride.

“Think I’m trending on Instagram.”

Burgled "BTC" insurer refusing to pay

This is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Sarah was burgled last week and her insurer is, allegedly, refusing to pay. A warning for us all…click here for details

It looks like the employment lawyers in our community have their work cut out. M2M wonders if she can avoid repaying her maternity pay?(click here) and Michelle153 has been given a more junior role on her return to work and wonders if she has a case for constructive dismissal? (click here)

From a minefield at work to a bump in the road! Supergirl thinks the pot holes on our roads are getting worse, do you agree?…click here for details

EBJ wonders if you can recommend a top gift shop in Fulham?…click here for details

Lilasinlondon is looking for private health insurance help. Can you help cure her confusion?….click here for details

Pixi is looking to buy the first bicycle for her 4 year old son. Suggestions for a would-be Wiggins?…click here for details

Pop wants to take a British sleeper train with kids. Good idea? Just don’t watch “From Russia With Love” before you do!…click here for details

Another post about sleeping! (See what I did there?). Our friends at the Pyjama Store have posted details of their fabby sale, gorgeous!…click here for details

SG’s little one likes to suck her food rather than chew it and she wonders if anyone else’s children do this? We’ve had some excellent advice already, thanks everyone!…click here for details

“A” is looking for a running group. Do you know where the four-minute-milers might meet?…click here for details

Our friends at Fit for a Princess have posted details of their personal training boot-camps, they’re running two a month. Work it, work it work it!…click here for details

From a princess to 121personaltraining Make 2014 the year that you get fit and stay fit!…click here for details

Do you know where a budding (boy) Olga Korbett might bust some moves? Gymnastics for a five year old needed asap!…click here for details

lns247 would love a swimming pool with slides and a wave machine. Can you recommend paradise by the poolside? I *think* the Spectrum Centre in Guildford might fit the bill…click here for details

Jen66 would like recommendations for an IFA, lots of equity in the house but income is fluctuating so help needed..click here for details 

CC is hunting for baby playgroups in Clapham or Balham?…click here for details 

From a playgroup to a party! LL needs a local venue for a 2yr olds birthday party. Guess that means Chez Bruce is out of the question!…click here for details

Looking to meet a mum/dad/nanny/au pair! Tons of requests including a shout-out for Portuguese playgroups (click here)

Jabba has damaged her car. Know a good body shop?…click here for details

This is a FABBY idea. The nature hut next to the Common Ground are running *adult* drawing and painting classes in term time. I don’t mean adult in a dodgy way, I mean in a grown up way! You know what I mean!…click here for details

SM has a nanny but she is expecting a new addition to the family. Should the nanny expect a pay rise for the extra work, she wonders?…click here for details

You have until the 14th of Feb to choose a nursery place in a primary school Wandsworth_FIS has posted details of what to do!…click here for details

LC is looking for a good gynecologist in SW London…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? A great opportunity for a part-time book keeper/office manger with our friends at Mascot Bespoke based in Battersea, South West London!…click here for details


Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin the schools’ questions!

The Ravenstone Ofsted report is out….click here for details

HV wants to apply to both CoE AND RCS schools? Is that allowed, she wonders? …click here for details

SusanP’s little one is quite bored at home and is thinking of sending him to a nursery. Is the Nightingale 2 on Weir Road a good choice?…click here for details

SBN has lived in a flat for seven years and just been given one months notice to leave. Is that legal?…click here for details


FRANCESCA ALEXANDER are having a January sale. I’ll have it all!!!…click here for details

Doma needs a piano tutor on Wandsworth Common. Who can help her little one tickle the ivories?…click here for details


Our House and Garden section is busier than Justin Bieber’s legal team

Streatham Common advice needed, what are the best local schools? (click here). Last week I meant to post this link about security from the Battersea Neighbourhood Policing team and I didn’t, oops! (click here). Sparkletiger is looking for basement extension company recommendations (click here),OLBM is looking for a builder for a side return/loft (click here) So is JandS! (click here), Oliver needs help with planning permission (click here)  Ready2Pop wants recommendations for design and build firms (click here). VH is looking for suggestions and prices for replacement wooden French windows (click here)  and  on a similar(ish) note, Stylishmom is hunting for a good lock for a sash window(click here). Lastly TVmum wonders if anyone has had a real wood floor fitted and can recommend the company?….click here for details


The NappyValleyNet calendar is bursting at the seams!

Looking for some brilliant activity ideas? Fancy Footwork have a NEW “Move Like Jagger” class! (click here). Now this sounds like an interesting day out, decorfest write that they’ll inspire you inside and outside the home with their event in Wimbledon. And the best bit? Eddie Catz are running kiddy workshops so the whole family can enjoy the trip (click here), The Exhibit are running a kids club on Feb 18th with Funky Moves (click here).


Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- a brand new (with tag) JoJo Maman Bebe long swing coat (click here), 2 Jojo wetsuits age 1-2 (click here) and a boys Ski Kit age 7 – 8 (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!


Annabel and the NappyValleyNet.com Team


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