Can I secretly cut grandson’s hair? Nanny asks for travel-to-work costs. I’m constantly angry, please help. Warning: pushchair causes house fire.

Last Updated on : 7th April 2014

Can I secretly cut grandson's hairDear South West London Mum,

My eldest is abroad on a school trip.

Mr NVN, after scouring the schedule, decided it would be fun to organise a set time for him to update us on the trip and email back some photos.

My son, on the other hand, showed as much enthusiasm for the idea as a turkey browsing Advent calendars.

On the chosen day Mr NVN opened up his iPad, fired up Skype and like a radio operator in an old war film waited for “check in”.

If he’d started calling out “Broadsword Calling Danny Boy,” I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Ten minutes later, with our Skype calls unanswered, we received an email containing one single letter “k”; “yoof speak” for OK.

Like an indignant Mother Hen Mr NappyValleyNet fired back, “if you don’t send me one photo in the next two minutes of somewhere you’ve been I’m never paying for another school trip!”

We waited.

The inbox finally pinged and as my husband opened up the attached image he lectured me on the importance of boundaries and being firm with children.

The picture, accompanied by a smiley face, was of my son’s hotel loo.

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Do you remember the competition last week for the most popular post? The winner THIS WEEK of the Billecart Salmon Rose champagne gift bag from our friends at North and South wines is HappyMummyofTwo for her post on night time potty training which received 14 posts and 1145 views (to date!). This weeks prize is bottle of Les Abeilles Cotes Du Rhone from Jean Luc Colombo so get posting if you want to pop in to their Broomwood Road shop for a prize!!!

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Can I secretly cut grandson's hair

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Schools questions are still coming thick and fast!
YT would love your views on St Mary’s RC Primary School (click here)  On a similar note, Moonlight is looking for info on Sheringdale and Our Lady Queen of Heaven primary schools (click hereBroomwood Hall have released details of their latest inspection report (click here) and finally BBroxash is sending her little one to the Lycee in Sth Ken from Sept and is looking for advice on the best place to live to avoid the lengthy 345 route (click here)

Our House and Garden section is busier than Maria Miller’s career coach
This is a top idea! Cher156 would love fitted wardrobes but can’t afford them. Can a carpenter use Ikea shells and make them look bespoke, she asks? (click here)  Luvnyrick is searching for an independent surveyor to value a shared ownership property (click here) Harrisks1 needs a plumber in Southfields (click here) Our property adverts are becoming more popular: four bedroom family house for rent just 3 minutes from Tooting Bec (click here) Super Dad would love the perfect painter for his flat (click here)  Cyprus19 is looking for someone who can do regular lawn mowing/maintenance. (click here) Finally SW11 REALLY needs someone to fix a Mac computer it has 10 years of photos on it! Help!…click here for details

Our calendar is now upgraded, and its bigger and better!
Fruity Tunes is guitar led toddler music session singing away in Battersea, Clapham and Southfields. They have just posted their Easter timetable (click here)  Easter fun at Battersea Park Zoo is on until the 24th April (click here)  Minotaur is booming at the Polka Theatre, myth meets modern day in a boy’s heroic quest to save his dad (click here)

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!
For sale this week:- a beautiful glass and wooden coffee table for sale £50! (click here)Servis tumble dryer £30 (click here)and a lockable plastic outside shed for £60! (click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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