Can I work for best friends ex? Nightmare builders, legal advice please! Catchment areas shrink again. Nanny demands work phone.

Last Updated on : 22nd April 2014

Dear South West London Mum,

 “I work in sales.”

We were “up north” for a family wedding and my eldest was under strict instructions to be polite, shake hands and ask my relatives at least one question, as opposed to answering theirs with just grunts.

So far he had done me proud. As he talked to my cousin, the chap who’d just answered his question about what he did for a living, I could see him grinning at me, probably guessing that later he could sting me for a treat.

“Wow, sales, that’s interesting,” my son replied and I worried a little that he was over-doing it, “what do you sell…equities?”

I spat my wine out, my cousin spat his wine out and my son looked around wondering what he’d missed.

“Errr no, forklift trucks,” came the reply, once my cousin had recovered.

I’ve decided that if I’m still to relate to my son in ten years time, we’re all going to spend a little more time north of the Watford Gap in future.

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Do you remember the competition last week for the most popular post? The winner THIS WEEK of the Gris Blanc is SBagnallfor her post ‘Is my boss being rude?’ This weeks prize is a bottle of Backsberg Elbar 2007 so get writing!

Minatoku’s nanny will only reply to her texts if she’s given a work phone. She won’t use her own “contract allowance” to reply to her boss. Fair or unreasonable? Positive replies only please. Any more suggestions to text her she’s sacked will be deleted!…click here for details

Would you be angry if your best friend took a new job with your ex? WonderingMum is so cross she’s broken the friendship and needs advice…click here for details

M2012 has a lonely mother-in-law who is insisting her husband spends an increasing amount of time with her. Should M2012 push back and insist she is now the priority?…click here for details

Lauren has neighbours who are child-free but very very noisy. She’s spoken to them but all to no avail. What next? Retaliation?…click here for details

Eurrgghhh…JK’s toddler was sick in the car and she needs it valeted. Mr NVN was sick in my friend’s car after his birthday party and both the memory and the odour remain!…click here for details

Secondtimer has been visited by some EXTREMELY aggressive cold callers. Have you been doorstepped by the “Karchers” of salespeople?…click here for details

Can I work for best friends ex

Wandsworth Council want to make sure your votes count! With both local council and European Parliamentary elections being held next month, now is the time to register (click here)On a separate note they’re warning “parking” motorists to be careful…click here for details

And on the subject of parking…S needs advice for a nanny permit parking in Lambeth. Can you help find a permit for a Poppins?…click here for details

Did you see the The Little Legs Company on BBC2, last Monday Night? Great clothes and now TV stars!…click here for details

The Northcote Pub invite you all to their forthcoming “Masterclasses”. They include caricature drawing, magic, cocktail making and “how to build a buy-to-let portfolio with no money down”. Actually, I made one of those up!…click here for details

Calling all baby models! Do you have the Kate Moss of toddlers? Actually that’s not a good example but you know what I mean!…click here for details

Mumcity has recently moved to the Telford Park area and wants to contact the Telford Park residents association. Can you help? I don’t know them but I think they have the second oldest tennis club in the world so take a racket to the first meeting if you want to impress!…click here for details

Mrs Ramsay needs a recommendation for a driver from London to Cotswolds. Not Jeremy Clarkson!…click here for details

Bliss, the special care baby charity, need a facepainter for the Buggy Push in Battersea Park on Sat 31 May. That’s butterfly’s and tigers not emulsion and rollers!…click here for details

Eurica!’s year-11 child needs to do an unpaid 2-week work experience placement in June. Do you have any suggestions?…click here for details

Musicmum is looking for a caterer for a 40th and and would love to support a local businesss. If you know a wizard with the vol-au-vents then get posting!…click here for details

On a similar note, Mummag needs an “In the Night Garden” cake for her daughter’s birthday.…click here for details

Stylishmom has a place at Alderbrook. Not her first choice but she’d love to hear from parents with children there…click here for details

BBroxash is thinking of the French Les Chatons nursery in Kensington. Any feedback? Merci!…click here for details

Bright Horizons is pleased to announce the opening of their new flagship nursery in June 2014. Well done!…click here for details

DonJ23 is looking for playgroups in Balham?…click here for details

Chabush is looking to meet Russian speaking mums/babies for SW18 meet ups. Da!…click here for details

Can you recommend a good baby monitor?…click here for details

There is some availability on the following NCT refresher antenatal classes: Wed 16 April, SW12 for mid/late May due dates (click here) and antenatal classes for late June, July & Aug due dates…click here for details

Gemima wants to say A BIG THANK YOU TO “DONE AND DUSTED”. I think she’s pleased!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? Wandsworth Prep School are now recruiting for a school admin assistant to join their growing team.(click hereand there is a vacancy for a local freelance book keeper…click here for details

Our travel section is hotting up!

MM and her husband would like to go on a babymoon this June-July but they need ideas (click here)  Clark9 is looking for the best travel cot (click hereand Ali would like advice about clothes shopping in Paris…click here for details

This week’s schools questions were busier than a Belleville catchment area!

It took a while for the emails outlining primary school places to be received (click here).  A2005 found her daughter has a place at Smallwood School. It’s her 6th place school (!) and she’d  love to hear from parents with children there (click here)Widger wonders how many people were on a waiting list in Wandsworth LAST YEAR but ended up getting a place? (click here), Papinian wonders how the free schools faired as some didn’t fill their quota’s last year (click here).  Stylishmom asks if she can remain on a state list if she chooses private? (click here), Wandsworth Prep have a limited number of appointments available for their open morning on Tuesday 29th April …click here for details

Our House and Garden section is busier than David Moye’s career coach

Ews2013 needs advice with pre-planning queries with Wandsworth council. (click here) , Aliceg1982 has a terraced house in Battersea and wants suggestions for side return firms (click here) Justalocal is hoping to find a small Clapham/Battersea house! (click here) M2BB has a £500k budget but can’t find a house anywhere after eight months (click here)  Floris has builders from hell and needs legal advice  (click here)  DB is renting out her house in the Honeywell Catchment area (click here) finally May would like someone to dye sofa covers…click here for more details 

Our calendar is now upgraded, and its bigger and better! Join Travel Designers on their Jungle Bus on the 11th May in Balham (click here)  There is *still* Easter Fun at the Battersea Park Zoo (click here) and Keep it Clean!” is a grubby history of Wandsworth and London at the Wandsworth Museum (click here).   

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

For sale this week:- 2 x tickets for The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre (click here), a Thomas The Tank  Engine for £10 (click here) and Mamas & Papas Push Chair for £17(click here)

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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