Cannabis smoke in nursery. Nappy Valley to get reality TV show? What’s the difference between local state & private schools?

Last Updated on : 12th November 2013

Nappy Valley to get reality TV show

Dear South West London Mum,

“Why isn’t anyone called Romeo anymore?”

My youngest had been learning about Shakespeare at school and the worlds greatest love story as a result.

She liked the name Juliette but realised she’d never met anyone called Romeo.

“Well,” condescended Mr NVN in his best amateur teacher voice, “there are some names which are so closely linked to a person or story that they don’t really work for anyone else.”

“What, like Santa Claus?”

“Well…sort of,” he continued, “but can you think of one from Horrible Histories where a man did such terrible things that no-one would want to share his name?”

She looked a bit blank and he looked a bit hopeful and then they both gave up.

“How about the name Adolf?” he ventured.

There was a pause, I could almost hear her brain working.

“That’s stupid”‘ she said, “Adolf is a reindeer and he never hurt anyone.”

Here’s what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Is Nappy Valley getting it’s own reality TV programme? It looks like “Desperate Housewives” could be coming to Battersea! If it does Mr NVN wants a waddle-on part!…click here for details

I really hope we help with this query. Lalectrice is a long standing NappyValleyNetter who is looking for support groups for the relatives of cancer sufferers or those with incurable diseases…click here for details

This is barely believable. There is a new shop in Earlsfield that sells legal highs that mimic class A drugs. The council have asked parents to warn their children to stay away. Errr, can’t they just close it?…click here for details

From legal highs to illegal highs, K11 has a neighbour who smokes joints and they share a party wall. The smell wafts in to her little one’s nursery and she really doesn’t know what she can do?…click here for details

Mummymoo has a mother-in-law who is enduring a terrible divorce. She’d like some suggestions of lawyers who might be able to help speed up the process…click here for details

A trio of crime and disorder posts (ooh, I sounded a bit like Dostoevsky!). Car taillights are being stolen, presumably for resale, in Putney (click here) there have been a spate of car break-ins on Clapham Common Westside (click here) and MW13 is worried about groups of youths hanging around in here for details

Monaco tells us of a new shop on Northcote Road that *isn’t* turning into an estate agent. But it gets better than that! It’s turning into a cake shop! Mr NVN has just asked if it’s going to be a Gregg’s? Sometimes I feel like a female Professor Higgins from My Fair Lady…click here for details

Sticking with cakes, an interesting round-up of cake baking options for those special birthday celebrations, thank you everyone for your here for details

2boysmum is looking for dentist recommendations. Do you have any feedback on Glow Dental or the Battersea Rise Practice?…click here for details

Falconmum is looking for an American Grocery website. She has visitors coming from across the Pond and wants to offer them Dime Bars, Corn-bred, Pumpernickel and Key Lime Pie! OK, I made the specific list up but she does want to make them feel at home!…click here for details

It’s been quite a week for “posts we’ve never had before” and this is no exception. LBG would like to borrow some pedestrian crowd control barriers!…click here for details

Looking to meet other mums/dads/nannies and au-pairs? Our meet-up section is flying: French, Italian, US and Greek mums all want to connect!…click here for details

CXM is looking for a good local jeweller?…click here for details

NAM has just signed up to ante-natal classes with the NCT but can you recommend their post-natal classes as well she wonders? Are they’re worth it, she asks?…click here for details

MungoMuffit needs a room to rent for her lovely Aussie hairdresser. Free weekly haircut for the landlord/lady. Oops, I made that bit up too!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? Lifestyle by ASQ are great friends of NVN and they have a vacancy for part-time admin and client support person…click here for details

Fancy Footwork have just opened bookings for the Spring term! All together now and plié!…click here for details 

Could your mornings and mealtimes benefit from a little less stress? The Parent Practice have published their top tips for both stress free mornings and mealtimes, thanks guys!…click here for details

Would you know how to help a choking child? Our friends at First Aid for Life have posted an incredibly useful guide…click here for details

Sticking with health, Lilas has just moved from Brussels to Putney and is looking for recommendations for a GP?…click here for details

A TON of travel posts! Is Disneyland Paris worth it? asks VM (click here). SophieB is looking for villa holidays for her family in France? (click here) Janie wonders if you know of a baby friendly hotel in the Dominican Republic?…click here for details

We have a playing field full of school and education questions…

Sabinemum asks about “State Till Eight”, does it actually work? How does it work!…click here for details

On a similar theme, NorthcoteLuvvie has outlined her opinion on the difference between private and state here for details

A local school has had a surprising Ofsted result. There is no doubt it’s a disappointment and it’s raised some interesting question…click here for details

WannaBe wonders if children at Eaton House nursery automatically get a place in the prep school?…click here for details

Fionapm asks what questions she should be asking at a prep school open morning? here for details

The Mosaic Jewish Primary School is holding open days this here for details

We have far far too many nursey posts to mention them all, but here are a few! Kids Unlimited Northcote Road gets an outstanding result from Ofsted (click here), Teddies in Streatham – do you have any feedback? (click here), Grove Hall – what’s it like right now as they have a new manager, asks BA? (click here) and Heath Road – can you share your experience, asks Steph?…click here for details   

Our House and Garden Section is busier than a Nappy Valley estate agent! 

Jude would like help putting together Ikea Furniture. Do you know of an ambidextrous Swede with good spacial awareness and a PHD in furniture construction? (click here) Nicky needs a kitchen fitter (click here) K11 would like a structural engineer (click here) SamT is looking for a bathroom fitter (click here). BB07 wants to hire a mini-digger (click here), Mils needs someone to re-point brickwork (click here) and The Standard have announced the quietest roads in London and one of them is in Wandsworth!…click here for details

The NappyValleyNet calendar is South West London’s busiest online events calendar

SAVE THE DATE! The annual “switch on” of the Northcote Road Xmas lights is on the 28th of November! There’ll be mulled wine, funfair rides, a mini performance by the BAC, fire engines and Santa will be returning to his grotto. In addition the Northcote Road Christmas pop-up market will take place on the 30th of November. Do all of your Xmas shopping locally! (click here) The Myotubular Trust Christmas Carol Concert is on the December the 13th. Christmas Top evening for an amazing cause! (click here) and Battersea Yoga have posted details of their Couple’s Birth Workshop on the 15th of December (click here).

DOD is one of our first ever users and he wants to tell you about his friend’s jewllery business. Sounds perfect for Xmas presents!…click here for details

Would you like to reduce the local speed limit to 20mph on residential and local shopping streets? Jon would and he’s set up a petition to ask Wandsworth Council to take action. It’s backed by a whole heap of local community groups, please do take a look…click here for details

Don’t forget AnnabelsArcade our totally free buying and selling site!

FREE THIS WEEK:- an Ikea double bed frame (click here), a winter Gro Bag (click here) and a Maxicosi baby car seat (click here). 


That’s it, have a wonderful week.


Annabel and the Team



PS would you like to win a fantastic Kidcampz camp-making kit or a family ticket, courtesy of the Dogfather, for a special screening of the “12 Dogs of Christmas 2”? Then click here and start entering!



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