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Top 10 Bathroom tips

1. Maximise your small space by commissioning bespoke storage, customising storage to your needs will have ... Read Feature

Are you adequately insured on short-let websites?

Wandsworth is becoming more and more popular on sites like Airbnb, with a huge 42% rise in listed Airbnbs in the borough in the past year. A fantastic way to utilise unused property in the city for visitors, there are also risks ... Read Feature

A World of Design Possibilities

There’s no denying the bathroom is one of the busiest spaces in your home – and when you have children, yours probably gives the M25 a run for its money. Which is why, from the layout to the sanitary ware, it’s so important that your bathroom fulfils its potential and works for your family. ... Read Feature

Planning a Kitchen Within An Extension – The Blueprint

A luxury kitchen extension is a big investment, so it pays to do the research ... Read Feature

Decorate your home with flying colours

As an ex-songwriter (who still dabbles on rainy Sunday afternoons) I sometimes liken choosing colours ... Read Feature


Wallace Cotton are showcasing their beautiful collection at the House & Garden Festival in London ... Read Feature

Inside Out

Summer barbecues and entertaining outdoors are high on the agenda at this time of year. Among ... Read Feature

Open-plan or ‘broken-plan’ – how to keep your kitchen design style cohesive

Roundhouse Designs : The buzzwords of the moment are ‘broken-plan’ but what does this mean ... Read Feature

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