Child abuse accusation: lawyer needed. Estate agent commission: what should I pay? New girl’s secondary school off Nightingale Lane? Phone mast proposed next to primary school

Last Updated on : 9th March 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

Many of you will have read about the Manchester schoolboy who was banned from celebrating last week’s World Book Day for dressing up as Christian Grey(click here).

In my household that brought shudders of the “there but for the grace of God” variety as we had our own, very similar experience, a few years ago.

My mother, oblivious to the content of the record breaking bondage manual, had agreed to buy the book as a treat for my eldest.

He, equally ignorant and just out of short trousers, had seen all the publicity and wanted to read the “worlds best selling book.”

My original post is here (click here) but it’s the “Mastercard moment” which is still a vivid memory almost three years later.

“Cost of book for grandson: £7.99. Look on grandma’s face reading page 57? Priceless.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Child abuse accusationAccording to the old BT advert it may be “good to talk” but that doesn’t mean Porgesmama is happy about the proposed telecommunications mast next to Hillbrook Primary School. If you want to give this application a patchy reception please sign the petition behind the link…click here for details

There are plans afoot for a new secondary off Nightingale Lane. Again, not everyone is happy, but I’ve linked to the thread so you can read all about it. I’ve had to lock the thread as it got a little heated (if you’re wondering why you can’t join in!)…click here for details

LTR is looking for a lawyer to help with a child abuse accusation…click here for details 

MTC needs a seamstress. Like yesterday! Do you know who is nifty with a needle and thread in Nappy Valley?…click here for details

Supermummy wonders if anyone has been to Steam and Rye in the city? Would a bunch of nearly 40 year olds be too old, she asks? You’re NEVER too old was my grandmother’s motto right up until she broke her leg breakdancing. OK, maybe that’s not totally true. She was BASE jumping…click here for details

Child abuse accusationBramble is a lawyer with a young family looking for flexibility in her working hours whilst keeping a career. She’s looking for feedback from those who’ve worked for “Lawyers on Demand” or any similar freelance providers? …click here for details

Shaneleone’s saga to find an Au Pair continues! To help her complete her quest (sounds a bit like The Hobbit!) can you answer her question: “What do local families pay their Au Pairs?” Thank you my precious!…click here for details

“If you had one wish for your local area, what would it be?” asks Transition Town Tooting? Oooh that’s a GREAT question! I’d like George Clooney to move in next door, Brad Pitt to open a gardening service (he’d have plenty of time for Diet Coke breaks as our garden is so small) and Hugh Jackman to open a car-wash. Oh, I mis-read the question, they actually want to invite you to an evening of lively debate with local parliamentary candidates, councillors and more. I didn’t see my “A Listers” on the guest list but its definitely worth attending!…click here for details

Our friends at “Lords of Notting Hill” have TWO events they want to tell you and they’re giving away a gorgeous Butter Icing recipe. First off is a baking demo TOMORROW on Northcote Road. What I love about these events is they’re both useful AND local! (click here)Secondly they have a Mother’s Day baking competition when you’ve honed those skills AND if that wasn’t enough a True Grace candle offer! PHEW!…click here for details

I really really hope we can help with this request. Editrix and her ex-partner need a mediator to help resolve child contributions/care matters. Can you suggest someone able to help?…click here for details

Child abuse accusationRed1981 and her husband have been trying to conceive for almost eighteen months and are considering IVF. They are not sure if they’ll go private or with the NHS but if the latter, can you help them with an idea of time-frames/clinics and hospitals?…click here for details

VKAC asks if anyone has experience of a multi-disciplinary assessment at the Early Years Centre on Siward Road?…click here for details

Belgiancharlotte has two questions. Firstly, her 10 month old daughter started nursery in January and is really struggling with her naps? Have you had any similar problems? Mr NVN is always napping and I have a problem with that. Oh that’s not helpful of me, is it? Secondly, her little one has an early evening meal at nursery and then food at home, is this too much food? …click here for details

Sticking with our sleep theme, Oab asks at what age do you move little ones from their cot to a toddler bed?…click here for details

SamT enquires what are people’s thoughts/experiences on nursery for a child when there is a new arrival at home and mum is on maternity leave?…click here for details 

NappyValleyMover wonders how much commission they should expect to pay an estate agent? (click here).  

Bodders1 is looking for a fair rate for a nanny to stay overnight with two boys? Nanny has requested £10 per hour until 2am and then £6 per hour…click here for details

E needs your opinions on the Baby Room, Webbs Road or KidsUnlimited, Wandsworth?…click here for details

Cols13’s daughter has a place at Tooting Gymnastics club, does anyone  for a 3/4/5 year leotard for sale?…click here for details

1b4Please help Lucindapears find her daughter’s grey jellycat bunny rabbit. Lost in Battersea Park between Albert Bridge Road entrance (opposite the pub) and the Battersea Zoo. There is a reward! Could he have gone back to nature and is now a free spirit running around the park?…click here for details

Looking for a new role? Check out these “Sits Vac”

The Fruity Tree Nursery are looking for a manager (click here).  Sarahmccubbin is searching for a naturally energetic and warm nanny to join them (click here).  Spookcooking are a bespoke catering company hunting for a EXPERIENCED bookkeeper to “cook the books” (geddit!) (click here). Kiwimummy cherche un teacher du French! (click here).

Looking for activity and meet-up ideas? We have more than Cameron has SNP nightmares!

Jonathan@hamptons is delighted to announce that stall bookings have opened for the 2015 Northcote Road Summer Fete. Yay! I LOVE the Northcote Fete! There’ll be shopping, food, music, friends and Brad Pitt. Ok Ok, I lied about the food! Or maybe Brad (click here).  Bored teens? They need Zumba! (click here).  This Easter, Lavender Leonardos will be running their “amazing art and craft workshops” for children aged 4+. At the end of the week all toddlers will be able to paint ceiling frescos! (click here).  WANTED: contributors for a new CHANNEL 4 documentary on luxury children’s parties. They are researching a piece about the rise and rise of ever more spectacular children’s parties and are looking for victims, sorry people, to take part. You will come out of it extremely grounded and in a positive light. Kinda (click here).

Just like Cliff Richard, many of you are planning a “Summer Holiday”

We LOVE the Martinhal and they’ve posted a fantastic offer for April and May (click here).  Actuallyadad would like hotel recommendations for a summer trip to Cape Cod? (click here).  Nightmonkey will have a 6 month old in June and they are looking for somewhere sunny to go in Europe (possibly Caribbean), suggestions? Take me, that’s a suggestion! (click here).  Calliwally is planning a ski trip next Feb half term. Has anyone been to Hotel Diva in Tigne? (click here).  Pod had a super holiday in Lanzarote last year but feels she needs more for our now 19mth old. Can anyone please recommend somewhere toddler orientated for June? (click here).  Mummyabc needs similar suggestions for a toddler friendly resort that doesn’t cost the earth ideally along coastal Sri Lanka? (click here).  ChilledMum@Balham is planning to spend Easter in Torquay and would love advice/recommendations on a self catering cottage? (click here).  Lastly Lisapeter asks if anyone been with little ones to either Moonfleet Manor or to Woolley Grange near Bradford on Avon(click here).

And now we slip effortlessly to your education questions!

SamT ponders the advantages of pre-school over day nursery for working parents? (click here).  Jane74 is looking for feedback on Swaffield and Allfarthing nurseries(click here).  Lindamul needs recommendations for a day nursery that takes babies from 10 months “BTC” (click here).

Our House and Garden section is busier than Ed Miliband’s media trainers!

Nicnox needs recommendations for an accountant to help with the tax return on the buy-to-let(click here).  AltenburgMum is looking to digging a basement and asks if anyone has information on the impact of the dig on their buildings insurance? (click here).  Art1234 needs help with paint colours(Farrow & Ball, Little Green, Zophany etc.) (click here).  Twomonkeys hopes for  personal recommendations for a simple bathroom refurb (click here).  SamT asks if you know the difference in price between a loft conversion without a dormer, and with a dormer? (click here) Aprusling has a large footstool they’d like to be re-upholstered; any local suggestions/recommendations? (click here).  Claphamama is looking for unwanted boxes while they go through renovation work (click here).  Joeboy are a professional couple in their thirties looking for a garden flat to rent for a minimum of 3 years? (click here).

Two brand new, never-used planters for £150 …click here for details  Little White Company Changing Table for £150 …click here for details  Unisex Kettler Trike suitable for children aged 2 onward for £15 …click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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