Child cruelty in school place row. “BRIT” winning singer parties in Balham! Husband snores every night, help! £200 house on Bennerley Road?

Last Updated on : 3rd March 2014

Child cruelty in school place rowDear South West London Mum,

“How big is a pint?”

The question was from my youngest and not entirely out of context as I was cooking in the kitchen whilst she played with the iPad.

“About this much,” I gestured to a measuring jug on the counter, “do you want to help?”

“No,” she replied staring at her screen, “only Daddy says he is going out for some pints if he can get away. Does one person drink all of it or do they share?”

On the one hand I could answer her questions, on the other I had no idea what she was talking about.

“Look”, she continued holding up the iPad, “all of Daddies messages keep popping up, I can see what his friends are talking about.”

Before I could react it buzzed again, “and why would they eat a ruby?” she asked after reading.

I retrieved the tablet before worse could appear just as a smug Mr NVN waddled into the kitchen tapping his brand new iPhone.

“Before you ask the answer is no,” I said typing away on the iPad, “and if this works in reverse I’ve just told your friends you’re grounded until you work out how to stop these messages showing on every gadget in our house.”

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Our calendar is being upgraded, back later this week bigger and better!

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For sale this week:- seagull has a Child’s blue and white wooden ‘Cresta Scallywag’ cabin bed with pull out desk for sale. (click here), Ppasha27 is Selling ourBaby Bjorn carrier for £25! (click here) August2013 has a Medela breastpump for sale, Brand new, unused still in its sealed box. (click here)

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