Children “not kept safe” at nursery.

Last Updated on : 11th February 2019


Dear NappyValleyNetter,

On Saturday morning my youngest grabbed the mail and ran into the kitchen brandishing an Amazon packet.

“Is it for me, is it for me?” she demanded, whilst simultaneously launching the slim cardboard box onto the kitchen table for Mr NVN to open.

It slid across the table knocking his brand new iPhone onto the kitchen floor.

There was no doubt from the smashy-type noise it made on contact that the screen was now in many many pieces.

And the Amazon delivery?

It only turned out to be the screen protector he’d ordered for his brand new phone.


Here’s what you’ve been talking about this week on NappyValleyNet…

W. needs advice as she’s been in a relationship with her child’s father for over 10 years but he’s only separated, not divorced. Where does she stand legally and financially? (read more) Please remember when replying that this is a real person with a real problem

And N. needs help on transferring ownership of a house which is currently owned by a couple with whom their relationship has soured (read more). I think this is going to be really really tricky.

L. would love to hear any of your experiences on hormone issues (read more).

Awful news from C. whom has posted news about fundraising for their son who has a rare and aggressive form of cancer (read more). Please do help if you are able to.

A driver who knocked down and killed a pedestrian on a pelican crossing in Clapham has been jailed for three years (read more).

J. has posted to say that there’s been quite a run of nitrous oxide use and petty crime by teenagers up at the Clapham Common tennis courts (read more).

A new walking and cycling bridge linking Nine Elms with Pimlico is being planned (read more). Oooh and we have such a wonderful success rate in this city for new bridges! Now where did I put that garden one?

S.’s daughter was burgled at university and her landlord is refusing to change the locks. Where do they stand? (read more) This landlord sounds very very dodgy…

More names have been announced for the SW4 music festival on Clapham Common this summer (read more) Oooh please say Hanson are on the bill – I LOVE MMMBop!

Tours are running until late March if you’d like to see the underground farm making the most of the conditions in the WW2 tunnels beneath Clapham – Growing Underground! (read more)

D. has posted to say that although there have been lots of closures on Northcote Road, St John’s Road is looking much better (read more). There is a new ice cream shop going in and we also have news of the Jack Wills replacement.

L. would love to find parent and child yoga classes somewhere local (read more). Ommmmmm.

And another L. asks where her five-year-old can play rugby at weekends (read more). Twickers?

K. has lost a brand new pink Clark’s shoe at Bertie & Boo – have you got two right feet? (read more)

N. would like to use cloth nappies and asks if you know of a cloth nappy library in Wandsworth? (read more)

If you’re a professional woman keen to return to work you might be interested in a Women’s Returners Conference coming up soon to inspire and guide (read more).

Red hedgehogs at St Luke’s…you read that right – there’s a musical theme! (read more) One of my favourite ever jokes is why won’t HedgeHogs won’t share the hedge?

From hedgehogs to squirrels and C. has them in her loft. Help! Who ya gonna call? (read more). NutBusters! Hmmm that doesn’t sound quite right.

Mum-Dance, the 1980s disco dance class for mums is at a school near you – so much feel-good fun! (read more) Mr NVN does a great Dad-Dance.

W. would love to know how to play Bridge. Where can she learn? (read more)


We have a storm full of Schools posts

Woldingham School was delighted to win Marketing Campaign of the Year recently at the prestigious TES Independent School Awards (read more).

Brilliant news from Trinity St Mary’s in Balham – a 100% pass rate takes it into the top 1% nationally (read more).

Inspectors say that toddlers in the nursery at London Steiner School were ‘not kept safe’ and the leadership was ‘dysfunctional’ despite children having excellent opportunities for ‘craft and baking’ (read more).

S. asks if she’s too late to register her 10-week old son at Thomas’s Kindergarten (read more).

The Magic Link offers handwriting classes in Clapham, Wandsworth and Fulham if you need to get to grips with that grip (read more).

S. would love to know your thoughts on The Roche Nursery (read more).


We have a rain butt of House & Garden posts

F. would like to know how much a side return extension costs and which builder they should use (read more).

S. is considering a loft extension and asks how much it’s likely to cost, having recently moved to Clapham from Leeds – welcome! (read more)

T. is looking for a painter/decorator (read more).

M. is looking for a 2-bedroom flat on a short let, ideally in Balham (read more).

Some recent posts about good property management companies if you’re looking (read more).

T. needs new French doors – ideally wooden. Who to call? (read more)

N.’s post looking for expertise on the grass front has led to another suggestion (read more).

Blackbird London on Webbs Road has still got its fabulous 50% off sale and is also offering a lovely 20% off bespoke pieces (read more).


And a gale full of Travel posts

Our friends at Turquoise have an incredible sale! 50% off Mauritius anyone? (read more).

Gitcombe Country Cottages in Devon are family-friendly so don’t miss their fab offer of 15% off anytime this year – you just have to look and book by the end of February! (read more)

B. has posted details of a French farmhouse available for rent (read more).

C. was looking for inspiration for spring half term family holidays…take me to the warmth (read more).

Ski Famille have some great family holidays over the Easter holidays (read more).

And J. has a ski-to-door apartment in Arc 1950. Go there from Wandsworth 2019! (read more)


Here come those Situations Vacant!

Our friends at Rampton Baseley are recruiting Saturday staff (read more).

Jane Plan are ace and they need full and part-time customer care peeps! (read more).

Administrative assistant for Balham Community Counselling Service (read more).

Experienced book keeper for interior design company (read more).

Part time Finance Manager with Girlguiding London and South East (read more).

English tutor role with Exceptional Academics (read more).

Italian-speaking after-school nanny (read more).

Part-time receptionist with Waves on Wandsworth Bridge (read more).


For sale

Isla bike CNOC 14 large in red (read more).

3-in-1 Mini Micro scooter in pink (read more).

Moba Moses basket with accessories (read more).



All-in-one waterproof for 2-3 year girl and car seat for 18-month-old (read more).



Annabel and NappyValleyNet Team



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