Clapham South crash: car lands on roof. New tax-free childcare scheme explained. Aggressive “door knockers” in SW London. Top Ten Basement Extension Tips!

Last Updated on : 26th May 2015

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“The Emoji is now the UK’s fastest-growing language.”

Last Tuesday we were eating breakfast when my daughter heard the newsreader announce that those annoying yellow faces are taking over our nation’s communication channels.

“Oooh I know them ALL!” she proclaimed before proceeding to run through what seemed a pretty exhaustive list.

“This is crying,” she explained whilst bending her fingers under eyes

“This is kissing,” she looked like the Wide Mouthed Frog

“And this is sassy,” the Wide Mouthed Frog looked slightly perturbed.

After several more Mr NVN cut her off mid-Emoji with an assertive “very interesting but if you don’t hurry up we’ll need to send a late Emoji to your teacher.”

“Do I have to go?” she pleaded, “we’ve got a spelling test first thing and I’ve got a rubbish memory.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Clapham South crashDo you want Wimbledon tickets? Julian Tennis Coach explains how you could be sitting Centre Court in 2016 if you register in the official ballot. I can attest to how brilliant this scheme is, we have seats for this year’s tournament and only had to pay face value!…click here for details

A couple of local news posts. Firstly, we had a pretty nasty crash at Clapham South where a car ended up on it’s roof leaving two people in hospital, we hope everyone is OK (click here), JandS reports a burglary on Broomwood Road (click here) and some pretty aggressive “door knockers” are out and about on our streets…click here for details

A MASSIVE thank you to Ben’s Canteen. We had our May meet-up there last week and it was fabby!…click here for details

DaisyDaisy wants to know when Bertie and Boo are opening on Northcote Road, I think they already have!…click here for details

1dEarlsfieldite asks if anyone has heard of the new ‘Tax Free Childcare scheme’ and wonders how it works? Well it’s a little like Katie Price’s lovelife, complicated!…click here for details

Three party posts! First out the blocks is LuckyMummy who needs recommendations for a Princess Party. All together now, “LET IT GOOOOOO” (click here). Hol49 follows up by asking for stress free suggestions for a party for twenty five kids? TWENTY FIVE? I’d try and find a Unicorn, it’s a less daunting task! (click here). Lastly, BamBam needs a baker to to bring buns with a Rainforest theme (click here).

Tiger1 would like to write a will, who is Nappy Valley’s top legal eagle for estate planning purposes?…click here for details

Piglet1 needs to learn French fast, any ideas who might give “Le Francais Gift de la Gab” to a NappyValleyNetter? Merci!…click here for details

Scott needs a dog therapist! Might his pooch possess a Pavlovian problem? Potentially!…click here for details

From puppies to pushchairs! WheelsOntheBus wonders which pushchair she should purchase!…click here for details

I REALLY hope we can help with this post! MRT is looking for au-pair friends for her new au-pair?…click here for details

1eThe Parent and Baby Coach need an “app” developer? Do you know any mobile whizzkids?…click here for details

MumSW11Mum wants to recommend a raw organic milk delivery service, it’s fresh and the cows get to LIVE!…click here for details

A stitch in time saves nine and Edgemonkey wants many more than that! Do you know a seamstress to adjust a bridesmaid’s dress? Just don’t eat at La Sirenita before your fitting. If you don’t where that is, just watch the Bridesmaids film!…click here for details

Feel the burn! INC would like a personal trainer!…click here for details

Balhamitey implores you to use your local shops. She was concerned that they seemed a bit empty on her last visit and without our support they’re going to disappear! Use them or lose them sees to be the message here…click here for details

Sandraf asks if one can rent out a room on AirBnB if one has small children. I have no idea but it does seem like a good idea!…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? We have more vacancies than Middlesbrough FC has disappointed fans!

Cedar Bifold Doors are looking for a full time Sales & Admin Assistant to join their busy team (click here).  Artful Toddler are now franchising, would you like to run your own business? (click here).  MinniesandMinders are recruiting talented singers and story tellers! (click here).

Searching for activity ideas? We have more than Russia has Eurovision votes!

ITS THE RITHERDON ROAD STREET PARTY! Ok, I didn’t mean to shout but we LOVE this fete and there’ll be food and stalls and fun and food and photos and food. Did I mention the food? It’s a week this Sunday and we’ll see you there! (click here).  Join “Studio Boo” at The Doodle Bar this half term to make 3D masks and more! (click here). Funlearning haveposted a whole heap of half-term ideas, FacePainting and Playfoam anyone? (click here). Do you, or someone you know, want to learn play the guitar? Pav is a local teacher who’s taught a ton of people to play the “Axe” from children to adults, beginner to advanced! (click here).

And here are you travel questions, we have more than the Cannes Film Festival has yachts!

Adra is calling all American mums, she’s moving to New York and would love advice on pregnancy groups among other things! (click here).  Clakela lives in Paris and would love to do a home swap with someone in Nappy Valley. Pick Moi! (click here) and BB007 is looking for recommendations for the kids club/ resort in Mauritius (click here)

It may be half-term but we still have a satchel full of schools questions!

Clemmymummy would love to hear your views on ‘High View Primary’ (click here)Angus wonders how academically selective is Dulwich College? (click hereSteffie is looking for guidance: she’s considering whether to go private/state and wonders if state primary rules out private secondary? (click here) IsabelleB asks how parents manage the drop off and pickup at the Belleville Meteor site? (click here). LittleHat asks if anyone has experience of the marking for the Wandsworth Test? (click here) Bee@lifeafterlondon has posted details of a Boarding Schools Information Evening on June 11th (click here)

Finally, it’s your house and garden questions: we have more than Labour has leadership contenders!

Are you considering a basement extension? Make sure you check out our latest “Design and Build” article from Zoe Dare Hall before you take the plunge! (click here). Balham Mum needs recommendations for a company to install outside lights (click here).  Cosmos99 lives in a typical Victorian terrace and has damp in the lounge, who might help? (click here).  DeepaNair is thinking of building a garden office. Good idea and who should they use? (click here).  Nuttymummy asks if anyone has bought a cabin bed from Sleepland beds?Should they be sticking with Aspace? (click here).  Are you thinking of a new kitchen? Jodesy wants to recommend West London Kitchens (click here).  Biscuit is hoping to do a side return and extend their kitchen, any recommended builders who might come to Brixton? (click here).  Fionapm asks if anyone can recommend cleaners to do a really thorough post renovation clean? (click here). Giggles is looking for a moving company? (click here).  Hol49 needs a reliable window cleaner (click here).

Annabel’s Arcade is our “totes free” buying and selling site!

For Sale: Philips Avent, £15 (click here), baby walker £20 (click here) and a Bugaboo cup holder (click here).

Wanted: compact nursing chair (click here), Sleepyhead deluxe grand pod (click here) and a boys 24 inch bike (click here).

That’s it, I hope you had a wonderful bank holiday and have a fabby week!!


Annabel and the Team


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