Clapham South florist attacked with bleach. Car flips onto roof on Nightingale Lane. New local restaurant wins amazing reviews. Private school for a non-vaccinated child?

Last Updated on : 1st December 2014

Dear NappyValleyNetter,

“Have you thought about what you want for Christmas?”

It was a question I had to ask but I’d been dreading raising the subject.

You see my daughter is an extremely tough negotiator and approaches Christmas with all the hard headed intransigence of a 70’s shop steward.

It’s not that we can’t reach an agreement, she once “opened” with a request for a horse and we settled on a hamster, but it took weeks and I was emotionally shattered at the end.

“To be honest Mummy,” she replied, “I’ve got most of what I want at the moment. School is fun, life is fun, I’m OK.”

“Wow,” I said whilst wondering who’d stolen my child and replaced her with this charming copy, “are you sure?”

“Of course not,” she came back with a sarky cackle, “I’ll email it to you, it’s getting too big to keep writing out.”

Here is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth):

Clapham South florist attacked with bleachThe start of three not very festive posts. First, we have news of an awful incident in Clapham Flowers by Clapham South Tube. Reports indicate that a member of staff was attacked with bleach and her phone stolen. We have no more information about the welfare of the victim but obviously wish her a speedy recovery…click here for details 

Secondly, a car ended up on it’s roof on Nightingale Lane and in the process four children were hit by ‘roadside furniture’. We understand that no-one was here for details

Sticking with less than festive news, the lovely ladies at Done & Dusted posted about a Ramsden Road robbery in a back garden whilst they were in the kitchen. They didn’t hear a thing and it’s the bravado and nerve of the burglars which is all the more shocking…click here for details

Further developments on potential changes to sibling policy rules. Wandsworth Council are starting a formal consultation on changes to school sibling policies (click here). On the same theme DD has posted details of the paper from Wandsworth Council with full consultation responses (click here). and Kiwimummy has a question for Wandsworth Council about the proposed here for details.

Irap asks if you would you hire a nanny who doesn’t speak English? Mr NVN can barely speak English half the time but I’m not sure that’s a helpful answer! Anyone else?…click here for details

Legs11 needs help choosing a car! They need something that isn’t too big for the narrow BTC streets and that can fit 3 seats across the back and has a big boot. Suggestions? (click here)On a similar theme I took a Volvo XC60 to Devon for a test run and the review is here (click here), I loved it and want one for Christmas (hint, hint!)

Nvmof3 is searching for sartorial advice. She is looking for a pair of shoes for winter that are comfy enough for the school run and can be worn with jeans. Ideas anyone? Be careful about wearing jeans for the school run, though, there’s an urban myth that one local school don’t do denim at drop-off!…click here for details

Pods’ daughter loves music and singing and she’s looking for good copies of the old favourites (“Wheels on the Bus”, “Happy and You Know It”, “War of The Worlds”, “Telegraph Road”). OK I made the last two up but any suggestions?…click here for details

Clapham South florist attacked with bleachJessthediva is an amateur and rusty violinist and wonders if there is anyone out there who would fancy getting together to form a string quartet? What a BRILLIANT idea! I bet they could do “War of The Worlds”!…click here for details

Asmacs’ son has recently been diagnosed with a lazy eye and has been prescribed glasses and they’re patching the good eye daily. It’s going well but they wondered if anyone had any helpful experience to share particularly vis a vis ‘Vision therapy’ I REALLY hope we can help with this one!…click here for details

Abbylowe is writing an article about how real Londoners “do” Christmas. She’d love to hear what makes London Christmassy for you. For me: ice skating, Kew Gardens in the snow and our Boxing Day tradition of returning the presents Mr NVN bought for me. How about you?…click here for details

And sticking with slicing the ice, Vendredimanche wonders if the Somerset House ice rink is child friendly?…click here for details

Pinkpeony asks if anyone can recommend somewhere really delicious for lunch with a toddler between Christmas and New Year (click here). Oooh you could try the new local eaterie “The Manor”, The Standard give it a GREAT review!…click here for details

Twomonkeys wants to know what do they buy their fourteen year old cousin for Christmas at around the £25 mark?…click here for details

catPinkpeony has a bag of good quality soft toys that she would like to donate. Who might want them? here for details

Sswc asks if anybody knows of any kittens for sale between now and mid December?…click here for details

Well…Camille might know as she needs suggestions for a decent cat sitter (click here).  and Pettifer01 wonders if  ‘anyone knows of a dog/house sitter?”…click here for details

Looking for a new challenge? Check out these vacancies!

Broomwood Hall School is seeking a friendly, enthusiastic, proactive Junior IT Technician…click here for details

Rampton Baseley Estate Agents are recruiting for Saturday support staff…click here for details

Lomax Bespoke Health are looking for Spin instructors. Must be able to sing the “Dead or Alive” song “You Spin Me Right Round”. Maybe…click here for details

Kates whiskers needs help with her dog walking business…click here for details

Gg is looking for a new, reliable cleaner. No-one ever looks for an unreliable cleaner!…click here for details

Looking for “Things-to-do”, we can help!

Amme_2005 is interested in any after school or weekend clubs for dance and drama? (click here).   Mountaingirl has moved to the Northcote Rd and is looking for some people to socialise with(click here).   Scotsem is on the lookout for lawyers who might want flexible working options (click here).   Are you coming to the NVN Christmas Meet Up? Come and enjoy some festive cheer with fellow NappyValleyNetters and our great friends Scoffers just off Battersea Rise (click here).  Our fabby friends at Skylark have their “Little Christmas Fair” on Wednesday 3rd December from 11-3pm(click here).  And,  join in with us on the Gambados Christmas Party on Thursday 4th and you’ll help raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital by way of shopping, disco dancing, mince-pie eating, arts and crafting and much here for details

Even though Christmas is just around the corner you still have a heap of travel questions!

Julyia is looking for someone who’s driving back to FRANCE for Christmas (click here).   Kiwimum2s’ accommodation has fallen through in New York for the nights of 29th and 30th December. Do you know of anywhere that isn’t too expensive and suitable for her husband and their 9 month old? (click here).   Vendredimanche asks for tips for her visit in Amsterdam (click here).   Gillak asks if anyone has been skiing with Espirit Ski?(click here).   Lucia79 has a spacious house in Gallipoli, Salento, Italy for summer holidays (click here).   Joeybar is looking to hire a villa for 10 nights in July …click here for details 

The school term might be almost over but your education questions keep coming!

Munchme asks if anybody has experience of applying to a private school with a non vaccinated child? (click here).  SamT asks why a High School is called a High School and what your experiences are of high school at primary level e.g. Clapham and Streatham or Wimbledon High? (click here).  Claphammum123 needs a good local tutor?…click here for details

Unlike Andrew Mitchell our House and Garden section has had a great week!

Tigerlilly99 needs recommendations for soundproofing a ceiling or floor to stop footfall noise from neighbours? (click here).  Townieathearts’ current boiler has been condemned and she needs a new one. Can you recommend an engineer to supply and fit one? (click here).   Mandycookie is looking for a specialist to fit a new DAB aerial (click here).   KateHelloMums is getting her Victorian house carpeted and isn’t sure who to use? (click here).  Sticking with rugs, 2U2 had a major coffee spillage, can anyone recommend a good carpet cleaning company? (click here).   Azilal10 asks if you’veused Anglian Home Improvements? (click here). Sezwedz needs to replace and dress a front door. Suggestions? (click here).  CiaraS is looking for an architect for a house in the Heaver estate…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling site!

Mamas & Papas Sola Buggy (Truffle), £100 …click here for details    Apollo Balance Bike,£25 …click here for details   and a CAT dump truck, £7 …click here for details

That’s it, have a wonderful week!!


Annabel and the Team


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