Cockroaches and worse in a Wandsworth swimming pool. Independent school pupils: unfair discrimination? Cyclist badly hurt in Clapham. Heaps of Halloween happenings!

Last Updated on : 15th October 2012

Dear South West London Mum,

The bag was perfect!

It was my birthday last week.

Mr NappyValleyNet is not a particularly inspired present-buyer. The computer manual is still not mentioned and he once bought me a coat which was lovely but *absolutely* identical to one I already owned.

This year he presented me with a large box and I prepared my “delighted” smile. If I could look pleased with the “Dummy’s Guide to Windows” then I reckoned I could fake anything.

I needn’t have worried.

It was a handbag and it was perfect.

“Errrrrr this is lovely, how did you choose it?” I asked, which was diplomatic speak for “what went right?”

“I had a note,” he replied.  “Your best friend gave it to me and I simply handed it to the shop assistant on Sloane Street. “

I have seen the note and this is, honestly, what is says

“This man is married to my best friend. He is lovely but he has no taste. Please give him a choice of exactly two classic handbags. Do not let him go “off-piste” with anything quirky and do not sell him anything that you cannot shift and that has been hanging around the back of the stock cupboard. If you do I will track you down and kill you”

He still has the note and takes it out every now and again to beam at it. He talking about having it laminated so it’ll keep for Christmas.

This is what you’ve been talking about on NappyValleyNet (Wandsworth!):

38 of posts make up your discussion about whether independent schools area force for good or a bastion of social segregation…click here for details

“How strict is the height restriction at Thorpe Park?” asks T.A.N She needed the information yesterday but we might help someone else in future…click here for details

Napavalley (the wine shop) is thinking of setting up a micro-farmers market? Good idea they wonder? I think they mean a “small market for farmers”, not a “market for vertically challenged farmers” (click here). Actually, if it is for small farmers don’t go to Thorpe Park, they have a height restriction!

“If you work three days a week, which are the best days to choose to go into work?” wonders ElizaD?…click here for details

JoJo is thinking of hiring a nanny. Should she go down the Ofsted route she asks?…click here for details

Euuurgh! AMS visited the Latchmere and found a cockroach and something unmentionable. Deeply deeply unpleasant!…click here for details

Mummybear found a micro-scooter. It belongs to Charlie. Is it yours?…click here for details On a similar note, a purse has been found in Earlsfield…click here for details

Is this too good to be true? A man has been knocking on doors offering free insulation. …click here for details

Whats the Wandle like for birthday parties? I think we mean the leisure centre not the river!…click here for details

Notorious Kids is looking for a driving instructor. Can you recommend a top transport teacher?…click here for details

Sparkle Tiger is waiting for the Nit bomb to fall! Can she do anything do be better prepared?…click here for details

MB is looking for a good colourist in the SW12 area. Who can give her tresses a top tint?…click here for details

I LOVE “The Sweet Life”. On a Friday afternoon you can meet half of Nappy Valley in there! But they don’t just do great sweets, their tea room is now a party venue! AND you get to eat your body weight in sweets. OK, I made that last bit up…click here for details

Madamex has a six year old who is still wetting the bed. Is there an alarm she can buy?…click here for details

Looking for a new role? First Aid for Life have a part-time admin vacancy…click here for details

KookieGoddess might move to Streatham. What can you tell her about family life in St Reatham?…click here for details

Can anyone recommend a  solicitor for a will? Goldhawk needs to know…click here for details

The Baby Drop on Webbs Road is now open! Yay! It’s a drop-in creche and it’s drop-dead brilliant!….click here for details

Copashabana is not happy. St John’s Hill has lost it’s cobbles! Does she speak the truth or is it Cobbledegook?…click here for details

Two posts from Wandsworth Council. Cracking ideas for half term activities (click here for details) and details of Battersea Park fireworks. This year you MUST buy tickets in advance…click here for details

Dreadful news about a cyclist hurt in Clapham. Our thoughts are with the rider and we wish her a speedy recovery…click here for details

Susie is thinking of childminding but wonders why it seems to pay so little?…click here for details

And onto our House and Garden questions…

Rubymum is going to paint over a veneer laminate desk, has anyone does this and do you have any tips?…click here for details

Sidereturn? Is it worth the hassle? I should say so and a lot of you agree!…click here for details

ScrappyBlueKat needs someone wonderful to renovate her bathroom. Can you recommend an advanced ablutions artisan?…click here for details

Can you fit a cross trainer in a garden shed?…click here for details

Janieb would like a great curtain maker. Can you suggest a desirable drape designer?…click here for details

Listen up at the back, here come the school’s questions!

Mpat has a place at Finton House! Yay! “But what is the parking like?” she wonders…click here for details

The South London Jewish primary has appointed a head…click here for details

Bolingbroke Academy have published details of their open days…click here for details

Don’t forget the deadline for applying for a state secondary school is the end of this month?…click here for details

Daisycat is looking for a  Wandsworth dentist…click here for details

There are HEAPS of Halloween activities that I simply must mention! Locale are having a special Halloween night event in their restaurant on Balham High Road(click here) Amanda from Amanda’s Action Club is taking over the Chelsea Theatre on the 4th of November for what can only be described as a MASSIVE event. I’m scared already! (click hereEddie Catz are hosting their annual Halloween parties with “Twitch the Witch” and “Count Dracula” in Putney AND Wimbledon   (click here) and our good friends at Gambado are having their own SPOOKTACUUULAAAARRRR party on the 31st here for details

Thinking of a skiing holiday? The Ski and Snowboard Show is the perfect place to start AND they have heaps of kids activities AND kids under 11 get in free AND they have a have-a-go airbag! Gluwein anyone? here for details

I stayed with Mark Warner over the summer in San Agostino. I’ve written a review here…click here for details

AnnabelsArcade is our totally free buying and selling website. For sale this week:- boys Zara shoes size 24 (click here), 2 bar stools  (click here) and 3 stair-gates (click here).

That’s it, have a great week!


Annabel and the Team< /font>


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