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Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Denwand » Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:40 am

The route from Fulham to Earlsfield is a pretty well trod one.

We did this 16 years ago with a young toddler simply because the Fulham hose we lived in had only a small yard for a garden and and house with a substantive outside space ( say the Alphabet Streets ) would have been too much of a financial stretch.

Also have a look at Google maps at the amount of green space in the Wandsworth area compared to Fulham...apart from Bishop's Park SW6 is a comparative concrete jungle! Not the best area to bring up kiddy-winks.

Finally many people arrive at Earlsfield station and judge the area by the tiny area outside the station and mis-read Earlsfield completely.

Try getting off at Wandsworth Common station - it could be in the middle of the country...then walk down Bellevue Road, across the common and the Toastsrack and down Magdalen Road - the biggest danger is not being mugged but being knocked over by brand new Range Rovers, Porches or Bentleys ... It is only when you get to Garrett Lane that the tone changes - but not by much!

Move to Earlsfield! You won't regret it!

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by kirts » Wed Nov 02, 2016 3:49 pm

Hi Ariadna,

My wife and I were in an identical situation to you and your partner. We lived in Fulham for 4 years. First in a flat at the corner of Munster Rd and Fulham Rd, and then in a house near Putney Bridge by Hurlingham Park. We adored Fulham, but couldn't afford anything and so had to look further afield without leaving SW London. A friend recommended Earlsfield, and we had the same reservations you had when we arrived. It all just looked and felt a bit grubby compared to leafy Fulham. What helped allay those feelings was spending a weekend in Earlsfield. We spent a day just walking around the area; we looked at a few properties, then had a night out in Earlsfield going to a few pubs and having dinner. That really put to bed practically all of our worries about the area. We bought a flat two years ago on Burntwood Lane and we don't regret the decision for a minute. Garrett Lane might not be as polished and pristine as Fulham Road and Parson's Green, but in our opinion the variety and quality of restaurants, pubs/bars, and green spaces are better than what's on offer in Fulham. Crime is certainly not something we've been concerned with since we moved either. It's perfectly safe in our experience and we've never had a problem at all. Highly recommend you do what we did and spend a weekend in Earlsfield. If that doesn't put you at ease, then it's probably not for you. Follow Erinmama16's advice and mark out Earlsfield "by taking a pen and drawing a line from Burntwood lane along Garratt lane to Magdalen road , and then draw right up to Trinity road by Wandworth common , then also draw another line stretching from Earlsfield road along Garratt lane to Allfarthing Lane which also stretches up to Wandworth common", then spend a day or two walking around that area.

Feel free to DM me if you want any more info. Hope it helps.

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Erinmama16 » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:48 pm

I can understand your worries about taking the plunge and moving to a completely new unfamiliar area like Earlsfield from leafy Fulham, I was literally dragged kicking and screaming here by my husband from my beloved Nortcote Road "between the commons" 20+ years ago to Earlsfield because we couldn't afford to buy a house over there , and compared to Nortcote Road it appeared rough and very suburban . Garratt Lane then was even "rougher" than it looks now , but looks can be deceiving , because behind that dull, slightly grubby deserted high street there is the most amazing community that is anything but rough ! Hence why my fellow Earlsfielders are spitting out their morning coffee at the very suggestion . There is very little crime , in 20 years here I think one neighbour got his bike nicked from their shed !

Earlsfield to me can be marked out by taking a pen and drawing a line from Burntwood lane along Garratt lane to Magdalen road , and then draw right up to trinity road by Wandworth common , then also draw another line stretching from Earlsfield road along Garratt lane to Allfarthing Lane which also stretches up to Wandworth common , within these two enclaves are two amazing supportive ,incredibly friendly , kind , civilised close knit communities. If you can afford to buy a house within these two enclaves you will not regret it . We have lived within the first enclave for the last 20 years , bringing our sons up here has been a joy. We know all our neighbours on our street , our children all having gone to school together and attended local classes and clubs together over the years . Neighbourly BBQ's ,drinks / dinner parties & book clubs are the norm . In every house there are families with children who are all professionals from many diverse industries . It is a truly wonderfully safe place to live and socialise , there are great bars & restaurants along Garratt lane , the houses mostly have good sized gardens and you don't feel your living near central London at all . There are great transport links , Earlsfield being only 3 stops/ 10 mins on the train to Waterloo . There's a standing joke around here that there's no road rage - you certainly can't misbehave or show any rudeness whilst driving around as you will very likely know your fellow driver . A trip to the local Sainsburys takes an hour as I can't go anywhere without meeting so many local mums I know and of course we have to stop for a chat , so if your moving here to start a family I can't recommend it highly enough .. You could also look at the equally amazing communities of Wimbledon Park Grid and the Southfields Grid . I wish you luck with your search .

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Sarahsea » Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:49 pm

Like Clare_f, my family is from London - Mayfair - and where 'pushed out' over the years. When I first bought in Fulham over 30 years ago it was considered very down at heel. I've lived in Fulham off and on since - and although it's improved I don't view it as much less 'rough' than Earlsfield - there's still a lot of street crime etc. If you can afford it, buy there as it's sure to get more amenities as more people move out in search of more space. Downside is lack of tube as it's a yomp to Southfields and the district line isn't that reliable - same as Fulham.

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Mumbly » Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:59 am

Like everyone has said its a personal choice and it is hard to know what an area is like to live in by just looking at it from the outside but if you're after a nice place to bring up kids then those areas already mentioned are all great. I was born in Fulham in the 70's and it was considered a bit rough around the edges so don't forget that places change! I live in Earlsfield now and love it - it has a great community feel and there are loads of nice local places to eat/hangout and as other people said great schools and stuff for families. It's not soho or shoreditch cool though obviously. But then neither is Fulham! Tooting bars and restaurant is way better for all that.

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Clare_f » Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:11 am ... super-rich

This is interesting. My mum grew up in a large-ish house in Kensington and flat shared in Chelsea. Her parents then got pushed out to Putney. When I moved to London, most of my friends were able to afford Putney, Fulham etc. Now we've been pushed out further to places like Earlsfield, new Malden etc. I wonder what will happen in the next generation...

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Ariadna » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:02 am

Thanks everyone. Unfortunately we are very limited in terms of area. We can't afford a 3 bed in Fulham which is what we want. My partner goes to work in Mayfair by motorbike which is tricky in winter so isn't willing to move a meter further away than Earlsfield or Southfield, and he wants to stay in SW so these two areas are the only options for us.

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by sw1234 » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:05 am

Where to chose to live is always such a personal and individual decision. I have never lived in the Fulham area but spent a lot of time with friends when I was younger in the area and of course if you can afford what you want there then a great option. If you can't then looking towards earlsfield, Balham, Southfields, wim park is a good idea. I don't think there is much to choose between them although I would consider schools. Earlsfield has some good schools so makes it worth a look. I have lived in both Balham and earlsfield and would choose the latter if I had a choice but as I said it's a personal decision. Good luck

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by firsttimerSW11 » Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:06 pm

I worry about offending people who live in Earlsfield but as someone who loves Fulham and doesn't adore Earlsfield, I probably wouldn't do it. Earlsfield has gentrified considerably over the last few years but Garrett Lane is no Fulham Road let's say. It feels a bit downmarket (sorry).
Have you thought about Balham? Or the streets around Melody/Geraldine Road in Wandsworth are worth a look.

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Clare_f » Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:46 pm

Is it wrong to say that your posts have made me laugh? Earlsfield is rough? Hilarious. The high street isn't as polished as you get in Fulham and you won't find as many plantation shutters in the windows but it's a great place to live. I used to live in a mansion block just by Putney Bridge and got my bag stolen once and my phone stolen on a separate occasion from just outside my flat on the street. No crime in Earlsfield, as yet.

What it comes down to is whether you are willing to compromise on area to buy a property to suit your needs. Many people would choose to live in Fulham but the prices are iniquitous. If however you are going to be embarrassed of your area, feel unsafe and look down on it, I would buy a shoebox in the area you want to be in.

Earlsfield has many nice places to eat out or go for drinks in, including Bens, Roxie's, Mel's, the craft beer cafe, the leather bottle, to name just a few of them.

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Pud1 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:02 am

Don't worry, it's very well served by supermarkets and cafes! Like any new place, it takes a while to get to know it and for it to feel familiar. There are plenty of parts of Earlsfield where there are lots of young couples and families. It's a great place to live. Balham is another good area and has the advantage of also being on the tube.

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Ariadna » Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:16 am

I see, thanks for your comment . What I mean is, it seems like there is a lot fewer shops and supermarkets and cafes and things and for some reason it feels less safe than in Fulham. At least that's what I felt like around Earlsfield station. May be its better on other parts?

Re: Considering moving to Earlsfield

by Pud1 » Mon Aug 29, 2016 8:45 am

Not quite sure what you mean by 'too rough'! Just like any area in London, including Fulham, Earlsfield has a range of different housing and cultures. Some parts of Earlsfield have become quite gentrified and it is a good area to start a family as there are good schools and facilities for young families. There are also good transport links.

Considering moving to Earlsfield

by ariadna.bakhmatova » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:35 am

Hi all, my partner and I are thinking of starting a family and moving to Earlsfield to buy our first home. We are moving from Fulham which we love but can't afford to buy here. I'm worried that Earlsfield is going to be too rough after Fulham - the difference between the two areas is very big ; in terms of the amenities, their amount and quality , general vibe, people.. But my partner wants to stay in this corner if London and we are only finding the houses we like in Earlsfield. Whilst the house might be nice the area makes me feel uncertain as mortgage is a big commitment. Look forward to your comments !