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Re: asquiths jewellers

by Hercule » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:21 pm

If you can travel to Forest hill, jewellery designer does repairs very good and reasonable prices. Paul 07946596939

Re: asquiths jewellers

by gabriellannellino » Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:21 am

Morning! New to nappy valley- in fact any forums actually- but just wanted to say I've started a Fine Jewellery company and we have a workshop of highly skilled goldsmiths in Italy. I would be very happy to help anyone who needs pieces cleaning or adjusting! Gabriella

Re: asquiths jewellers

by Louisejersey » Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:06 pm

I wish I had seen this post before using this jewellers. I received appalling service from this place just today!

Re: asquiths jewellers

by silver » Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:11 pm

I took a (metal) watch in to have the battery changed and asked about whether they could clean it and remove some of the scratches etc. They assured me it would clean up well and charged me £50 (incl. battery). When I got the watch back it hardly looked any different, I remember thinking to myself that it wasn't worth getting it cleaned again. Having read this comment stream I'm beginning to wonder if they even cleaned properly it at all and just gave it a wipe?

Re: asquiths jewellers

by annette » Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:44 pm

I used Asquiths only once a few years ago, I wasn't happy with the quality of their work and found the attitude of the staff appalling, I have never been in the shop since. I now use David Simmons on Garret Lane, it looks rather uninspiring from the outside but in my experience much better service and and they know their stuff on jewellery.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by vivienserena » Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:29 pm

Lima wrote:Hello, has anyone else had a problem with Asquiths the jewellers on Northcote road ? I was reduced to tears (not easy usually) by a member of their staff a few weeks ago after losing my docket for a repair, shockingly bad customer service (and i was in retail for 13 years so have some experience in this area!) Anyway the net result is that i need to find a decent, preferably friendly, jewellery repair place to take several pieces to so would be grateful for any suggestions......thanks !
Yes, I have not been too thrilled with them in the past; rather surly attitude, and not great workmanship. The two things I had mended by them both broke fairly shortly afterwards - a pendant re-attachment, and inserting a small diamond into a ring. So will not be going back. Was recommended Hawkes in Walton Street; v expensive and have not received rings back, but am hopeful they will be good! Have also been recommended Mayfair Jewellers in Knightsbridge.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by NYE31 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 2:09 pm

Another vote for Simmonds, I started going there after Asquiths did such an appalling job of engraving the watch that I bought my DH as a Wedding present (don't get me started on it as the engraving wasn't straight & looks dreadful)

Simmonds are v.helpful, efficient, competitive & did an excellent job on mending a necklace that everywhere else said was unmendable.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by charlietheangel » Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:41 pm

I've had good and bad service from Asquiths - good purchases and inscriptions on (expensive) christening gifts and bad - repair work that hasn't lasted on cuff links and a necklace clasp - both fairly pricey jobs.
On recommendations from other sites I've started using Simmons opposite the end of Earlsfield Rd on Garrett lane and they're polite, friendly and better priced. The shop looks old school but the guys in their know their business and have been great with watch and jewellery repairs so far. For me it's been worth travelling the extra 5 minutes.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by Scientist » Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:47 am

I have been in several times for quotes and to ask prices of items in the shop without visible tickets. I was struck by how vague the staff were about their prices and also got the impression that there was a demonstrable lack of expertise. There certainly is not a good customer service ethic there and sometimes exchanges with staff have tended towards rudeness, for no good reason. The only time they did some work for me was putting a new strap on a watch - the new strap was usable but too short and their response was that "they all come like that, those are the only ones we have." I didn't believe this for a second (I have a normal size wrist and in any event they could see what size I needed as the old strap was attached when I gave them my watch). However I put it down to experience and paid and left, being as polite as I could. Just another local shop with a monopoly and the "bad old" kind of attitude - avoid it if you can find an alternative.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by annette » Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:33 am

In my experience several years ago rude, patronising, sneering. The first time I thought they might be having a bad day but the second time was just as bad...absolutely no idea how they keep going. This isn't the first time I have seen negative feed back about them on this site.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by Jen66 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:38 pm

I've never been in....I will now though !

Re: asquiths jewellers

by notamumyet » Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:49 am

Hi all

I just thought I must share my experience with Asquiths. I went in last week with some earrings ( just costume jewellry) that I wanted to be put on better hooks- which I supplied. They quoted me £10 to do the 7 pairs which I thought reasonable and said they would be ready in a week.

I went there yesterday which was exactly a week later only to be told they weren't ready yet as they'd sent them to the workshop by mistake..I was a bit irritated as I don't live in Clapham and I thought they could have rung me just to say they weren't ready yet and saved me a journey..The guy wasn't very apologetic but then said grudgingly "well I won't charge then" and I thought "well, ok then " I just wanted him to acknowledge the inconvenience and apologise.

Anyway, I returned today and got the most abusive reaction from a member of their staff that I've ever had in a shop. I was praising the shine on my earrings and he said "yeah well I thought I'd better polish them as she was moaning yesterday", and I realised he was talking about me. He went on to say I would have to pay the £10 plus VAT. I pointed out that his colleague offered to do it free of charge and he said "yeah well he shouldn't have said that." to which I said "well you need to take that up with him"....he went on to say "you've got a cheek you know" and "what an audacity". I asked to see the manager and he fetched him but continued to make insults from the sidelines. The Manager just repeated what he had said about the other guy not having the authority to waive the charge. Meanwhile the first guy called me a "prat" and an "idiot" and said it "was just as well there was a mirror there so I could see what a prat I was being" he said "you were just after something for nothing the instant you came in here".... This went on and on and eventually I just took my earrings off the counter and left.

I couldn't believe this man. Worse, I couldn't believe that the manager allowed him to stand there and make those comments to me.

In short- the quality of the work was good, but it wasn't ready when they said it would be, they charged me an amount they later thought was too low, and they were rude rude rude.

Needless to say I'm never going back.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by Katskii1 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:10 am

I wouldn't say it is being rude or saying we should blindly support them but some people seem to agree that Asquiths does the job pretty well so it is just commenting too.
Maybe next time you should I got a Rolex ;-)

Re: asquiths jewellers

by Elenita4ever » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:32 pm

I bougth my husband a very expensive solid gold watch at Asquiths as anniversary present 2 years ago. He absolutely loved it but after 3 weeks it stopped working. Asquiths took it back and "fixed it" no less than 6 times over the next 4 months, then I took it to a specialist repair shop in Clerkenwell (now there's some really bad service) - no luck. Two watch repair places in Hatton Garden and finally a my brother-in-law's father (he's a retired antique watch repairer) who told me in no uncertain terms that it was "knackered".

Obviously, the "guarantee" has now run out at Asquiths but they did say to bring it back and they would "do a deal" - presumably part ex it for another knackered watch. :)
Even so, I'm not saying I wouldn't go to Asquiths for jewellery - they did their best, and were always pleasant - but I wouldn't buy a watch from them or take one in for repair.

Finally, to those posters that say that we should blindly support local businesses, that we've all got double standards and would prefer to have more estate agents etc. .... for goodness sake! Stop being so rude - just allow people to comment and share their views and experiences in peace.

Re: asquiths jewellers

by JFP » Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:23 am

Not a new user, but for some reason I had to re-register to post today.

Just wanted to say that I've been treated well at Asquith's. I've only gone in for minor repairs and such, but they've always been friendly and helpful. On one occasion I took my son's watch in for a batter change and they didn't charge me. And they are always ready to hold the door for me and my pushchair. I've been served by several different staff there and they have all been polite and pleasant. I don't have any reservations about returning there.

As for Suzelles, it is a different business and owner now (and has been for several years): Cakes by Robin. So please don't be put off by that review.