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Re: Planned induction v planned c section

by ready2pop » Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:50 pm

Again I've not had both but I had two planned inductions as I had complicated pregnancies and wouldn't have got to my due date.

Induced at 37 weeks both times, couple of hours wait until anything happened then babies arrived within 90 mins of labour starting with first and 45 mins with second.

I was up and around straight away afterwards and I wouldn't underestimate how important that is, especially if your baby is going to need special care.

Good luck!

Re: Planned induction v planned c section

by AbbevilleMummy » Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:15 pm

I've not had an induction, with my first I had an unsuccessful sweep followed by an unpleasant natural birth and then with my second I had a planned c section.

The c section was fantastic and I was told I could leave hospital the following morning, and was far more active and in absolutely no pain compared with the weeks after my natural birth.

In my opinion, the healing process of a planned c section is much easier than a natural birth. With a planned c section the stitches are all internal, and heal very fast due to the surgeon's knife.

I found tearing and stitches 'down there' after my first very uncomfortable and much harder to get over.

If you're in good shape, fit and active, I'd definitely go for a planned c section. It was all so calm, well organised and a lovely experience.

Planned induction v planned c section

by supermummy » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:54 pm

I am pregnant with my third and I need to have certainty around when I deliver (without going into all the details my seoncd child will require special care arrangements).

The hospital have suggested planned induction and are not keen on c section ( my first 2 were ' normal births', no epidural, no complications). Clearly a c section in my case would not be for medical reasons (but for other v good reasons).

I'm really unsure whether to push for a c section so I have complete peace of mind about the delivery process. The downside i suppose is being in hospital for longer and perhaps not being able to be up and out and looking after my other 2. I have friends who have had c section who have not bat an eyelid over it and think its really not a big deal - but they've never delivered naturally.

The obstetrician told me with planned induction they expect the baby to be out within 24 hours - however, they would need to do it a couple of days before my due date and im usually late. I like the idea of being up and about quickly but don't like the idea of an agonising induced labour.

Has anyone had both ? I know everyone's labour is different and I'm probably opening a can of worms asking this but can anyone compare the two?