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Re: New start for forgotten Battersea green space

Great piece of information @ally30_1998 for the local residents, thanks for sharing.
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Mon Jul 15, 2024 8:07 am

Re: New start for forgotten Battersea green space

As a neighbour, I can say that the residents around are really excited about this opportunity to keep some green space in the area! A lot of ideas are flourishing around the nearby estates: allotments, city farm, playground, paddle court... We are looking forward to seeing the projects in place. In ...
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Mon Jul 08, 2024 5:44 pm

Re: Bolingbroke Academy Spring Fair - 27/04 12:30-3:30pm

Such a great event not to be missed! PTA and parents do an amazing job at supporting the school, always so much fun at these events :-)
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Mon Apr 22, 2024 7:48 am

Brevet exam books

I am selling 4 Brevet exams books from 2021 (new curriculum), £8 for all in very good condition to be collected from SW8.
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Sun Feb 19, 2023 9:50 pm

Books in French for sale

I am selling approximately 30 books, mostly novels, all in French language.
£15 for all or ask if you are interested in some of them only, to be collected from SW8.
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Sun Feb 19, 2023 9:47 pm

Re: Sound proofing or second glazing for windows?

Thanks for all the replies. I have received a few quotes for 6.4mm Acoustic Laminated Safety Glass and 4mm clear toughened glass. There is some difference in terms of cost, although the contractor mentions that the noise reduction is almost similar. @Wandsworth_New_Mum: would you know by any chance ...
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Mon Jan 16, 2023 12:10 pm

Sound proofing or second glazing for windows?

Hello, I am looking to reduce traffic noise in my bedroom, living in an ex-local authority flat with double glazed uPVC windows.  Please let me know if you have found a suitable solution, I was thinking second glazing for example, or any other way to reduce considerably traffic noise. Also looking f...
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Mon Jan 09, 2023 5:38 pm

Laminate flooring fitter recommendation

I am looking for a local laminate flooring fitter for 3 bedrooms and hallway in SW8, please let me know if you have any recommendation.

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Mon Jan 02, 2023 10:02 am

Re: Can schools not accept children into their sixth form. How is this right?

Unfortunately, some children also don't get on enrollment day the conditional place they had been offered, despite obtaining the required grades. It can be extremely stressful to find another place in the following days when all the movements between Year 11 and 12 are being finalised. These changes...
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Mon Oct 24, 2022 8:20 pm

Biology, chemistry and math experienced tutor needed

Hello, My daughter moved from a French secondary school to an English Year 12 this year. Her first report just came in and shows that she will need a lot of extra work and support to catch-up in biology, chemistry and math. She also does politics but her results are ok for this subject. We urgently ...
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Thu Oct 13, 2022 1:12 pm

Re: Summer camp Jobs available

Hi Demi,
What is the minimum age? Would you take 16 years old?

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Sun May 29, 2022 12:15 pm

Re: How hard is it to get into the Lycee in Kensington

Hi, Although there may be a one hour test required if your daughter comes from an English school to enter the Lycee French stream, it is really easy to get into.  The Lycee also has an English section which seems to have good results, but I don't have any information regarding applications. My two k...
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Sat Apr 23, 2022 6:31 pm

Harris Westminster / Bolingbroke Academy Sixth Forms

Hello, I am looking for feedback on Harris Westminster and Bolingbroke Academy Sixth Forms. After having received offers, we are hesitating between both: - Harris Westminster seems to have good A-Levels results, but I am a bit concerned about the level of pressure and wondering what kind of pastoral...
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Sat Mar 19, 2022 5:29 pm

Re: State Secondary Schools Offer Day - waiting list info and how places were offered

I am not sure how accurate these reports are, my son was offered a place last year at Bolingbroke Academy before August and we live 3700m from the school, although the figures for 2021 states 1764m as the furthest distance for Belleville Wix. Regarding waiting lists, they seem to move a lot quite qu...
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Thu Mar 03, 2022 9:04 am

Re: Science Sixth Form Colleges Bolingbroke / Harris Westminster

Thank you for your replies Goldhawk and Moonlightdawn.

I will have a look at Graveney's process although it's quite far from us.
King's wouldn't suit her unfortunately as she is really focussed on biology with the hope to go for medicine.
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Thu Feb 03, 2022 10:05 am