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Re: Desk for sale £25

Hi - yes, it is still available. £20 is gone. I’ll DM re collection details.
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Sun Jun 14, 2020 4:44 pm

Desk for sale £25

Hi - this Slimline bureau desk is for sale. Brand new and constructed, but never used.
£25, collect from SW12 8. ... k1554.html
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Sun Jun 07, 2020 4:14 pm

Re: How is your (state) primary doing home learning?

Thanks everyone. This is really helpful. I feel part reassured that we are not completely off kilter with others, but it does sound as though I could reasonably ask (again!) for some pre recorded videos to up the engagement of the kids. At least the summer holidays will feel like a doddle after this...
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Tue May 12, 2020 8:03 pm

Re: How is your (state) primary doing home learning?

Wow, thanks Mum_1980 for this.  Really helpful.  I particularly like that the school is taking the time to do the personalised check ins by phone. (At my sister's school - not in London - the Head and the Deputy are filling their days with socially distanced home visits (i.e. brief meetings on the d...
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Fri May 08, 2020 7:41 am

How is your (state) primary doing home learning?

Really interested to hear how the various local state primaries are managing their home learning - e.g - setting work daily vs weekly? - asking for work in for marking / feedback? Or leaving it to parents to mark ? - use of technology - google classroom, MS Teams, Seesaw etc? - Real time availabilit...
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Tue May 05, 2020 6:07 pm

Moving the TV

Hi - we are moving our TV from the front of our double reception to the rear.  Our Virgin hub, broadband, aerial, etc are all in the front of the house, next to the bay window. Any suggestions of who we need to speak to to get all this moved, in as neat a manner as possible?  Is it Virgin, or are th...
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Tue Jan 08, 2019 8:34 pm

Wanted- ballet dress for Inspire Ballet classes, for 3 y.o

Is anyone selling, before I fork out for a brand new one??

(It the ballet school by Balham Waitrose, white leotard dress)

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:06 pm

Re: new Chestnut Grove fish and chips place

Can confirm the portions at the Chestnut Grove place are massive. They even gave me an extra piece of fish as they thought the two they had originally fried looked a bit small (they weren't). Lovely guys that run it, super friendly.
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Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:14 pm

Re: For sale: iCandy Peach 3 double travel system

Still available :)

Just listed on eBay, but would much prefer to sell to a local family if poss. PM me if you would like photos, or to come and see it.
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Wed Sep 06, 2017 8:43 pm

For sale: iCandy Peach 3 double travel system

We are selling an iCandy Peach 3 travel system for £500: - Black - Includes 2 x seats and 1 x carrycot - Can be set up as: double pushchair; one seat+ carrycot; one seat + baby carseat; single pushchair - Complete with all 3 rain covers, strap covers (for both seats) and handlebars (for main seat an...
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Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:57 pm

Re: For sale: Tripp Trapp

Tripp Trapp now sold (have had a couple of PM's about it but afraid no longer avail)
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Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:49 am

Re: For sale: Tripp Trapp

Yes it is. Will PM you with address details etc
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Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:47 pm

For sale: Tripp Trapp

For sale - Tripp Trapp, storm grey with two sets of seat covers. Good condition, only noticeable damage is paint chips at the bottom of the legs. See photos.
Hoping for £75.
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Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:43 pm

Re: Talk to me about commuting from Balham

Northern line from Balham is busy but pretty reliable. I travel in early (at Balham for 7am). It is very rare that there is an issue with the line, but it is still busy even at that time. Will get on the first train, but rarely a seat, and platform at Balham normally pretty busy too. I occasionally ...
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Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:20 pm