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Buying a place at Thomas’s

Anyone else hear about the wild
claims that a family from
Mouse house have bought their way out of the assessmemt altogether?
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Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:22 pm

Re: Catholic primary consults on proposed change to admissions arrangements

It looks like the op believes that if you support same sex marriage or fertility treatment, you are not a real catholic. The school in question has some rather dubious entrance criteria anyway (local priest being gifted holidays anyone?) so anything that allows less priveledged children access to a ...
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Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:20 am

Re: Little boy called Harrison - Do you know him?

I know a few blonde Harrisons! What sort of age? Which library?
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Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:07 pm

Re: Trinity Fields secured. (from the guardian)

Why should the independent schools be kicked out? Are those children not worthy of outside playing space and sports? Space is at a premium in all schools? And the funding allows all pupils to enjoy the space?

What an absurd comment
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Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:00 pm

Re: Thomas's School - too late?

The admissions page does indeed say that the list is full. I think you should still have a good chance of getting an assessment though if you sign up as there is so much movement in this area and people change their minds about the assessment even at the last minute!
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Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:04 pm

Re: Eaton House the Manor: refund

I am quite surprised they have not been able to fill the place? I thought there was quite a long waiting list? However, they do more than most schools who don't consider ever giving the deposit back! You could try and call and ask if there are any places available, pretending to be a prospective par...
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Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:02 pm

Re: C - Section at St Georges

It was St Thomas's. I was also able to go home after 2 nights but I couldn't face the journey I was in a lot ofnpan and despite being up and moving as recommended my recovery was slow. Chances are you will be fine but if you don't feel safe or happy I doubt they can force you to leave. A private roo...
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Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:24 am

Re: C - Section at St Georges

Wow this smacks of cost cutting! 24 hours!! I had a planned c section and there is no way I could have gone home, I spent 3 nights in and even that felt early.
It's major abdominal surgery! You can of
Course ask to stay longer.
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Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:38 pm

Re: Winterville on Clapham Common

At this stage I am not sure, I can't find any plans online but will be attending the consultation to find out more. I am sure it will be a total white wash and they will do what they want anyway. I am posting here because many of the affected residents live in Wandsworth and therefore will not be co...
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Tue Jun 06, 2017 11:27 am

Re: Winterville on Clapham Common

Having seen the event at Victoria Park, its a very big space. Events also continue until 1030pm every night (including live music). I think it would be nice for a week or so but for 50 days its quite disruptive, noisy and blocks off large parts of the common.
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Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:59 am

Winterville on Clapham Common

All, a 5000 capacity event is planned on Clapham Common between 23 Nov and 1st Jan with events planned until 1030pm. The common will be boarded off for this period and if Sw4 festival is anything to go by, the noise pollution will be felt all around the common. A consultation is being held on 14 th ...
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Tue Jun 06, 2017 9:06 am

Re: Energetic Italian Nanny/Chef available

Hi there we are looking for a new Nanny and would be interested in meeting you I will send you a private message tomorrow. Thanks
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Sun Jun 04, 2017 9:20 pm

Re: Mousehouse : child left behind in playground !!

All businesses are someone's livelihood aren't they? Does that mean you should never leave a bad review on trip advisor? This is a bit more serious than shoddy service at a cafe and this is a local community, it's perfectly reasonable for parents to discuss it, wonder how it happened, etc. The kinde...
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Wed May 17, 2017 7:26 am