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Re: Wandsworth Schools Consultation - Question

I think the better view of the release and the consultation wording is that it doesn't apply to siblings of children admitted before 2016 - otherwise what does "not retrospective" mean? And it really depends on where you read the "or" applying to. However, we don't need a debate, we need clarificati...
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Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:48 pm

Wandsworth Schools Consultation - Question

Hi all I have a question for Wandsworth Council: The post from Wandsworth stated that: "Under the proposed new system, only those siblings who live within 800m of the school they are applying to would continue to get automatic preference over other children. But siblings living further away will sti...
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Wed Nov 26, 2014 2:41 pm

Re: Is Wix's recent OFSTED report a true reflection?

Wix only had an interim head last year, and the new head had been in post a couple of weeks when the inspection took place - so she'd not had any time to implement reforms. So definitely ask about the plans the new head has to address the report.
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Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:00 pm

Re: How do I deal with Famous People / Celebrities. Help!!!

A very good friend got a job interviewing celebrities - he's the off camera guy you never see when celebs are giving interviews to promote their films.

It helped he had only a vague idea of who some of them were. But generally, he was polite and treated them like anyone else, and it was totally fine.
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Tue Oct 14, 2014 9:06 pm

Re: Consultation on admissions for Wandsworth primary school

There is definitely a risk that this proposal would have the effect of making school black spots completely insurmountable, particularly for BTC families who didn't get into one of the HW or BV duo. I'm not BTC, but I am pretty adamantly opposed to these proposals as I don't think it's a great idea ...
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Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:17 pm

Re: where to get bcg privately in london?

If you live in Lambeth, it's free so you can obtain from your GP.Wandsworth didn't cover it when we had it done two years ago.

We also missed the vaccination so had it done later through Lambeth.
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Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:29 pm

Re: Help! Where on earth can I find an after school nanny?

my first paragraph is meant to refer to the nanny agency After SChool Nannies.
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Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:24 pm

Re: Help! Where on earth can I find an after school nanny?

I feel your pain. This is really hard to do. Good luck with after school nannies, I had a NIGHTMARE with them. My registration fee was totally wasted. You might have more luck. I just got timewaster after timewaster, all complaining I wasn't offering enough hours when I had a 22 hour week proposed (...
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Wed Oct 01, 2014 8:23 pm

Re: Wix French School-moyenne section admission

under the current rules, admissions are: - siblings - children's birth order from 1 January. I don't know how admissions went this year - I believe it was tight - but generally children up to March, and sometimes April get a place. It depends each year. September birthdays are unlikely to get a plac...
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Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:47 am

Re: Northcote Road in the Wall Street Journal

I thought so too actually!
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Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:24 am

Re: Should I dismiss my nanny?

Find someone immediately and dismiss without notice. Is she in probation still?
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Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:43 am

Re: Very unhappy with Lauristons Estate Agents

Lauristons insisted on us paying a "deposit" of 1000 pounds on our property purchase through them, and gave us a mocked up rubbish receipt. My conveyancer said he hadn't seen anything like it since the 1970s. Best avoided although the quality team that managed that transaction has since spread into ...
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Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:52 am

Re: Messy neighbour

Housing association ownership is very relevant, as you have other avenues of complaint if the tenants don't keep the property in a fit state. Do you know which HA it is? Some are better than others in addressing tenant issues. First port of call is always having a chat though with the tenants, in my...
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Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:49 am