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Lawyer who publically shamed law partner on Linkedin

Hi Everyone I've been thinking a lot about this story over the last few days and knowing that there are many female lawyers on NVN I wanted to see what others thought. Most of you will have seen the story this week about the older law partner who called a young barrister's photo "hot" on being sent ...
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Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:09 am

Re: Chimney sweep


Paul Clarke:
Telephone: (020) 8402 6527
Mobile: 07946 506909
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Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:48 pm

Re: Relationship therapist recommendations

Can I ask what the problem was with Relate?

Only reason I ask is that it may influence who to recommend.

Thanks and hope they get it sorted!
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Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:12 am

Re: Baby starts nursery! What do I need to know?

Congratulations - you'll both be fine. I think the most important thing is to relax and not make a big deal about it. I think they pick up on the stress! The one tip I would give? Drop and go. Your little one may cry when you leave and it may be heart breaking but, and I promise this is the case, af...
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Mon Aug 17, 2015 1:23 pm

Naturopathic Doctor?

Hi Can anyone tell me what a Naturopathic Doctor is? The reason I ask is that there was a post on here (now removed) for and according to the username the post was put up by the people at the clinic. On their website they say they are Naturopathic Doctors and I wonder if t...
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Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:16 am

Re: Aggressive door to door hawker

We had him too, asked for a "donation" when I declined to buy anything.

Thanks for heads up
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Thu Aug 13, 2015 5:32 pm

Re: Sexual photos

Hi I am so sorry to hear this. There have been a few posts along these lines recently and sometimes I wonder if the posts are genuine but in your case I have very little doubt as you're not new to this site. Im my experience there are two motivations/situtions: 1. a man who has strayed because he's ...
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Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:09 pm

Re: can anyone recommend a decorator

Dave King 07940 368 870

He does a lot of work for one of our neighbours and they really rate him
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Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:54 pm

Re: Oven Repair

A neighbour used these guys and seemed very happy

although I have no idea myself.

I'm looking for a fridge and dishwasher repair person so if you can suggest one of those that would be helpful.

Good luck
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Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:47 am

Re: Motivating a 6-year old boy to do homework - how?

Hey, I have two perspectives on this. The first is that if he really doesn't want to do homework at his age then I wouldn't push it. The worst thing you can do is to turn it into an "issue" and potentially turn him off for a long time. What I mean is that you don't want him fighting you out of habit...
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Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:19 am

Re: Advice on routine for newborn and child in all day nurse

Its a while since we used Gina but I'm pretty sure she had a suggestion for this?

I'm sure we used to do a dream feed at 10pm but I guess that means a 7pm feed as well and therefore crashing your toddlers bedtime routine.

Racking my brains for what we used to do!
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Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:24 am

Re: Magician wanted

I've heard good things about this person
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Fri Jul 17, 2015 10:08 am

Re: Recommendations for alternatives to Calcot Manor please

So envious, enjoy!

Whatley Manor, Cotswolds
Dormy House, Broadway
Cowley Manor
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Thu Jul 09, 2015 4:50 pm

Re: Clapham common enclosed area reserved!

That is an interesting one.

Were to asked to move or was it suggested?

I have no idea as to your rights but it does seem a little rich.

It is a common after all
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Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:38 am

Re: Rumour has it…

I get stressy at the end of term as well :lol:

I didn't read it as a school specific thing, just an nice example.

Cake's look lovely and I'll pop in, my children aren't at HW either.

Love and kisses all around!
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Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:29 am