Graffiti everywhere at playground in Clapham Common Northside

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Graffiti everywhere at playground in Clapham Common Northside

Postby mum_1980 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:25 pm

I was really upset to see so much graffiti on the playground in Clapham Common Northside.

This playground is really falling out of disrepair. They closed it a few years ago for ages. I was hopeful there would be revamp, but all the council did was take out the sand pit.

Before this playground falls completely into disrepair, please can the council consider renewing and revamping it.

I have been using this playground for years, but my kids are slightly older now. Could the council consider a revamp to cater for kids over 5/6 too? Many families have been using it for years and they are still here just with slightly older kids. It would be great for it to be more like the playground up near the Windmill which caters for kids of all ages.

I've reported the graffiti to the council so hopefully it will be cleaned up but really the playground needs a complete facelift rather than just a clean.

As for "Fake Society" (see photo of graffiti on tunnel/barrel) - there are clearly a lot of social grievances in our borough. Frankly we need more services and opportunities for our young people and by that I mean young adults. This goes far deeper than a playground, but I'll leave that for another day!

For now, please can our playground be given some TLC!
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