Great start (and end) to the day at Healey's!

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Great start (and end) to the day at Healey's!

Postby charlotte_admin » Thu May 16, 2019 9:21 am

Healey's Organic is the 'new kid on the block', that sometimes tricky block on the corner of Bellevue and Trinity, overlooking Trinity Fields.

Friendly and efficient service from the off, and a lovely setting to settle down and enjoy - bright and airy with a relaxed vibe, spacious, dog-friendly and busy enough to have a good buzz. Freshly pressed juices and great coffee started us off nicely as we chose from a varied menu of organic breakfast and brunch (only the bacon isn't organic). I went for the sweetcorn fitters with smashed avo and poached egg, plus extra bacon on the side (it's the rebel in me..), and my friend had the bacon (rebels both) and avocado sandwich on sourdough.

We watched our carrot juice being freshly pressed and then delivered in lovely jars packed with ice and topped off with an eco-friendly paper straw, and I thought what a good place this would be for tweens and teens, with a great menu of juices and smoothies as well as the healthy food and the odd treat - the cake looked great but we resisted...

The food came quickly and was substantial and tasty. Not only did we both enjoy ours but I overheard other tables passing great comment as plates were cleared away. Importantly, their coffee is good too, and who can resist a beautifully barista'd cappuccino, complete with artistic flair on top.

As well as the café, Healey's sells fresh ready meals in their chiller cabinet at the front (as well as other organic groceries like olive oils, rice and pasta), and I came home with a ragu for two which was quick and easy to prepare, as good as (if not better than) homemade. There was also a veggie curry and a chicken and mushroom stroganoff. Quality supper sorted that quickly can only be good.

So it's a great new kid on the block which will appeal to many a local. Nip round that corner and try it out. You won't be disappointed. 

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