Day 3 - Andalusian pilates retreat with Jane Wake and Lynn Rae (8 July)

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Day 3 - Andalusian pilates retreat with Jane Wake and Lynn Rae (8 July)

Postby Community Editor » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:21 pm

Day three kicked off with another hike, this time through the national park. The landscapes yesterday were breathtaking but today they were truly inspiring. We started as a smaller group than usual as some of the women decided they wanted to take a short walk to the village instead.
Walking in the National Park with Jane and Lynn

We went off the beaten track, led by our guide, Rafa, through rugged and wild terrain, past gurgling creeks and herds of mountain sheep with bells chiming around their necks. Four hours of steep inclines and descents later and I was feeling the burn throughout my body, so I was delighted that brunch awaited us on our return to Finca El Cerrillo and - you got it, it was healthy and delicious and perfect for this ravenous walker!
Finca El Cerrillo

In the afternoon, we had a facial Pilates session with Lynn. She ran through some quick and easy exercises we could incorporate into our morning routines, such as patting the face upwards (never down), pressing on the pressure points in the hollows at the corner of the eyes and in the middle of the brow or patting around the whole eye to release tension. But my favourite of all, and there were many, is the secret smile. Even saying it makes me happy! The secret smile is when, with your mouth closed, you place your tongue gently at the top behind your teeth, and you spread it out across the roof instantly forming a gentle smile on your face.

After a thorough work out on our face, pool time and 
sunbathing was in order, followed by afternoon tea before our evening pilates class started.
Pilates session in the studio

I arrived early to the pilates session this evening and stretched my muscles out with some help from Lynn and Jane. This was so important as there was a lot of tightness in them following our trek this morning. Jane stepped up the tempo of the class today taking us into quick flows with controlled movements, balance, engaging the core, tucking the tail bone in and engaging the pelvis. I went into the session with a tired body from the morning walk, I came out of it feeling invigorated, energised and ready to take on the world!

Dinner tonight was a buffet of salads and tagine – a perfect meal to end the day on followed by a visit to the magical tree house on the grounds of the Finca El Cerrillo. What a lovely way to end the trip on, enjoying a drink together with the stars twinkling brightly above us in the clear night sky. It's been so lovely to meet this group of women (there are 16 of us). Some came with friends, some came individually, but all of us came together in this wonderful experience.

To follow me on the Pilates retreat with Jane Wake and Lynn Rae follow my stories on NappyValleyNet Instagram.

For more information on Jane Wake, visit:
For more information on Lynn Rae, visit:
For more information on Finca El Cerrillo, visit:
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Re: Day 3 - Andalucian pilates retreat with Jane Wake and Lynn Rae (8 July)

Postby dudette » Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:45 am

Annabel - you said in your weekly email that this had made team NVN “green around the gills”. I was expecting she had had a terrible time and had brought back a bug which had made you all sick! You might want to look up the meaning of the phrase - it’s not the same as “green with envy”.
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Re: Day 3 - Andalucian pilates retreat with Jane Wake and Lynn Rae (8 July)

Postby Annabel (admin) » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:16 pm

 oops, absolutely green with envy in that case  ;)

thanks for pointing out!

A x
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