Dermatologist Recommendation

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Dermatologist Recommendation

Postby sandraf » Mon Sep 16, 2019 5:03 pm

Hello all

I just want to give a mention to a really great dermatologist who has helped me with some skin issues I have been experiencing of late.

Earlier this year my skin suddenly got very oily and congested and nothing I tried had worked. I spent a fortune on skin products, kept my diet clean and healthy all the things you would hope would contribute to the 'glow' but nothing worked. I had the skin of a teenager all over again (I am very far from that age now :-) )

I saw a recommendation on here for a Dr Fiona MacCarthy and thought I would go and see her to see if she could help. All I can say is I have been 'blown' away by the results. I have been seeing Fiona for about three months and my skin has completely settled down. No more oily congestion or angry red skin. She has been absolutely fantastic and really helped me to get to the bottom of what was going on.

She simplified my skincare regime (giving all good products a mention many of which I could buy in Boots) and put me on a regime that was simple, easy to use and follow for a busy mum like me. It took about 4 - 6 weeks of persistence but I have now finished the products and I am truly delighted with the results.

My only regret is  I didn't meet Fiona sooner. Not only did she sort my skin troubles out but her warm and pleasant manner is so lovely. She really  listened to what my concerns were and saved me a lot of money by recommending 'what I need' not just sending over priced products my way. 

I just wanted to give an honest recommendation on here of a really great dermatologist if anyone else is having skin troubles/issues. She really is the best I have come across to date! Her website link is here [font] [/font]
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