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Northcote Music

Postby Anon-ee-mouse » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:49 am

We heard today that Northcote Music is closing down which is a sad sign of the times we live in.

Andy said that people go in, use his expertise then go off and buy on Amazon.

Not only are we losing a retailer but also an expert and repair and instrument servicing provider.

He has said to please spread the word as he wants his stock gone asap.

Having until now borrowed a school instrument we bought a trumpet yesterday for £220 reduced from £440. There is pretty much 50% off all instruments.

Please tell family and friends, schools etc. This is a great opportunity and would help Andy enormously. I must admit I felt rather ashamed to be taking advantage of this situation but as he said, it is what it is and he wants his stock sold.
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