COMMUNITY EDITOR REVIEW: The Little Prince, Omnibus Theatre, Clapham Common

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COMMUNITY EDITOR REVIEW: The Little Prince, Omnibus Theatre, Clapham Common

Postby Community Editor » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:48 pm

I’ve adored Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s beloved classic, ‘The Little Prince’, from the first time I read it over 20 years ago, so I was over the moon to see this tale of friendship, innocence and human nature make its way to the Omnibus Theatre.
At 55 minutes long, this is a watered down version of the story, but it carries all the same sentiments. The creators have skilfully adapted this for the stage and made it thoroughly enjoyable for kids and adults alike.
The play begins when a pilot crashes into the desert and is met by The Little Prince who tells him about all the unusual characters he has met in his intergalactic travels. The scenes cleverly change with spectacular projections as The Little Prince makes his way to different planets.
There are only three actors in this adaptation, and they play each role superbly from the endearing Prince to the petulant rose, to the chicken-eating fox and several different characters in between.

There is even some audience interaction and with such an intimate setting, we really felt as though we were on this journey of hope and empathy with the Prince. My kids, eight and five, had a wonderful time and were particularly impressed with the ‘flossing’ fox! 
This is an enchanting, imaginative and mesmerising play executed with beautiful simplicity and honesty. It is told in a childlike tenderness covering friendship, loneliness and ultimately love. And the Little Prince leaves us with an important lesson that the heart can find what the eyes can’t see. 
The Little Prince at the Omnibus Theatre
For ages 4 to 104!
For more information or to buy your tickets, visit:
Address: 1 Clapham Common North Side, Clapham, London SW4 0QW

Photo credit: Dan Tsantilis
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