Back To Netball - come and play!

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Back To Netball - come and play!

Postby cyclegirl » Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:53 pm

England Netball has announced details of its Couch To Court campaign, which has been introduced in a bid to get more than 4,000 women playing netball or more netball in 2020. 
The biggest challenges a new netballer might face is not knowing where or how to begin. Couch to Court will help. The programme will introduce you to netball in a safe, no-judgement environment with a fun, friendly and experienced coach or host. You will meet lots of amazing like-minded women during your experience.
 Our Back to Netball and Walking Netball sessions will be fully equipped to deliver sessions perfect for beginners, giving participants a great introduction or re-introduction to netball. They are run by experienced coaches and provide the perfect reintroduction to netball. These sessions are suitable for those who haven’t played in many years (perhaps since school)
For those who have completed the Back to Netball programme or who play in social leagues, there is now a Netball Now session. Netball Now is a straight forward way to play netball. It’s not a coached session, it is simply a session where you turn up, pay a small fee and play a game of netball. It beats the gym! 

Please see a list of fun sessions below that may be local to you! 

Battersea Ironsides - SW17 0AW         Netball Now          Monday 0915-1030         £1
Kennington Park - SE11 4BE                      Back to Netball     Monday 1730-1830         £3.50
Harris Girls Academy – SE22 0NR            Back to Netball     Monday 1800-1900          £4
Streatham Leisure Centre - SW16 6HX   Walking Netball    Tuesday 1500-1600          Free
King George’s Park – SW18 4DN              Back to Netball     Wednesday 1300-1400    £6.50
Streatham Leisure Centre - SW16 6HX   Back to Netball      Wednesday 1920-2040    £4.10
Clapham Leisure Centre - SW4 6DB        Back to Netball     Thursday 1800-1900         £3.50
Rosendale Playing Fields - SE21 8LW      Back to Netball     Friday 0930-1030              £4  

For any more information on Back To Netball, Walking Netball or Netball Now sessions in the Nappy Valley area, please email Polly Howell on or Facebook@BacktoNetballsouthLondon call 07909251289
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