Can you give a pup their forever home?

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Can you give a pup their forever home?

Postby SophiaApp » Mon Jan 27, 2020 6:02 pm

Do you have space in your life for a new furever 🐾 friend of know someone who is and can share

Meet Ariel and Baxter!

Ariel and Baxter are in Dubai and looking for their forever home here in the U.K.

I personally just rescued a Golden Retriever from Dubai and cannot speak more highly of the amazing team at PetsPassport and 38Smiles who work so hard to give these dogs the second chance they deserve. They have an excellent record of positive rescue placements here in the U.K. and wider areas.

Now I know what you might be thinking! Dubai! That’s got to be so expensive to get them here but WAIT for these dogs it isn’t!

The rescue team in Dubai fundraise all the travel costs associated with their transport to get them to their new home so only an adoption fee applies which covers their passport, vaccinations, medical bills and foster care fees in order to ensure we can continue to care for the next dogs in line who need to be rescued. Our team work as volunteers simply because we care about these beautiful dogs who need a chance at a new life out of the desert 🌵

Meet Ariel

Ariel is an energetic female lab cross dog who is approximately 18 months old who is crate trained, full house trained and is spayed with all vaccinations including kennel cough up to date.

She has come on leaps and bounds since we rescued her and placed her with her foster family but she does need some training with regards to her excitement. When you come home after being away from her for awhile she is SUPER happy to see you but will resort to attention seeking behaviour such as jumping up and mouthing (ie grabbing your arm for your attention- although not in a hurtful or aggressive way.)

For this reason we recommend her to a family with older children who are confident & experienced with dogs. She is super affectionate and just wants love, no harmful urge here with Ariel.

She has also proven to be easily trainable and eager to please but can take things that don’t belong to her when she is left alone so it’s great for her to have lots of toys to play with or to give her some crate time which she is used to and enjoys.

Ariel is excellent with other dogs and has brilliant recall. She loves nothing more than to spend time with her humans And has not shown any aggression towards any dogs or humans. Her basic commands like sit, wait and stay are very good and she is great in the lead with a harness.

The lab in her shines out and she is treat driven so easy to train.

Not Cat tested but this can be arranged.

Meet Baxter

Baxter is a sweet sweet boy with a one of a kind personality.

He is good on the leash, he is house trained, and excellent both in the home. He is in an apartment with his foster and has adapted to this style of living brilliantly.

He is very good with other dogs and kids but cats he gets a bit exited about!

He loves to be cuddled and under the chin and ear scratches are his favorite.

His favorites games are fetch and tug of war. He loves long walks and is excellent on the lead.

Can you give Baxter a new home?

Please get in touch if we can give you more information
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Re: Can you give a pup their forever home?

Postby Janee1 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:30 am

Why on earth go round the world "rescuing" animals from other countries when there are so many that need rescuing in this one. This is particularly true because we have Battersea Dogs Home locally, full of cats and dogs which need homes. I have had 40 years of cats which have been unwanted, stray or feral, all just from the Battersea area.

There are those who go to Spain or Italy who see dogs roaming the streets and assume that they are stray. Most aren't. But also there are many animal rescue groups in those countries. What real evidence is there that a) these animals are really homeless and neglected and b) that there is no organisation locally which rehomes?
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Re: Can you give a pup their forever home?

Postby maryrose » Wed Feb 05, 2020 4:34 am

Janee1 wrote:
Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:30 am
Why on earth go round the world "rescuing" animals from other countries when there are so many that need rescuing in this one. 
This! Not to say it could be dangerous (possibility of scam, long flights for pets, vaccinating etc). 
Your first stop should be your local shelter, not an ad from the internet. 
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