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Postby BookClubAnnie » Wed Feb 26, 2020 12:57 pm

With The Reading Den Special book package
Share your love with words this Mother’s Day and surprise your mum with The Reading Den’s special 3-month subscription selected and sourced by local accessible book club experts. Beautifully packaged and delivered to your recipient – be it your mum, mother-in-law or a deserving grand-mother, each of the 3 books have been carefully chosen by The Reading Den, the discerning book club of Clapham mums.  
Orders made on or before Monday 16th March will ensure the unputdownable and deservedly hyped ‘book of the moment’ novel, ‘American Dirt’ by Jeanine Cummins, reaches your recipient in good time for Mother’s Day. 
EARLY BIRDS Enjoy £3 off - To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Den has a timely offer -  £3 off its £35 subscription package, which can be redeemed by simply quoting the code ‘MOTHERSDAY’ with your order at the check out, which can be easily purchased at The Reading Den. 
Book Clubbing On Line - About Us
The Reading Den is an innovative and easy to navigate on-line book club platform launched by local Clapham mums who wanted to cut through the clutter and provide informed book club choices.  Now with its comprehensive library of over 60 fabulous reads, as well as its Den’s Dozen (top 12 reads) and favourite authors, The Reading Den is a convenient and easy go-to resource for busy mums who deserve the reassurance of a great next read, whether you are in a book club or looking for inspiration. Plus you can sign up for a free monthly newsletter and get our top ‘3 Bright Ideas’ book recommendations each month delivered to your inbox. 
Each month The Reading Den hand-picks and reviews 3 Bright Ideas on-line. These comprise; 
Book of the Moment
This is one that the Den feels reflects the season, is a must-have read, could be an exciting new release, film release tie-in or a recent award winner or even a novel that simply chimes with life right now! 

Missed Opportunity 
This might be a much-loved classic or a fabulous read that has been forgotten or overlooked. 

The Wild Card  
This is exactly that! For those looking for a different reading experience – this could be a memoir, a quirky novel, a surprise read that takes you outside your comfort zone.  Sometimes a challenge but perfect for the book club chat. 
Each of the hand-picked choices come with independent reviews, ice breaker questions for your book clubs and Den scores which look at readability, talkability and overall scores out of 10.    
How did RD start? The Reading Den was founded by local book clubbers, Anne & Jenny who met at the local school gates and before long they founded their first book club with friends. Over a decade later, they set up The Reading Den to share their wisdom and the best reads and recommendations. 
As well as its unique 3 Bright Ideas The Reading Den offers down-to-earth reviews from like-minded mums who love books and want to be assured a fab read in their spare time. Whilst Anne and Jenny set out to offer the best book club experience with the website, they recently launched their subscription packages as subscribers loved the idea of a surprise RD book landing on their doormat.  
What we say: "We only recommend books that secure excellent high scores and don’t just pick out titles just because everyone is talking about them, with false over inflated hype. It’s not enough to just be flavour of the month, especially when we sit in a discerning book club of Clapham mums, when none of us have the luxury of time, whatever our work/life/balance demands are! We love the book club vibe; hanging out with friends, shooting the breeze about life’s catastrophes and then onto the book that sets lots of beefy discussion and spin-off chats! We set out to be fresh and relevant but also select reads that we know really won’t disappoint."
What you say: “It was wonderful to discover The Reading Den. It has broadened my horizons, introduced me to new authors and genres and given me some great new reads. I feel my literary fingers are on the pulse again!”  -  Caroline, a subscriber from South West London added,
The Mother’s Day subscription now gives you the chance to say it differently and better.  It naturally makes a unique gift and a wonderful surprise. 
For more information and inspiration contact me or find us on line! 

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Postby Mushave » Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:40 am

Thank you for sharing. This is interesting!
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