The Knoopifier - hot chocolate at home

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The Knoopifier - hot chocolate at home

Postby charlotte_admin » Thu Jun 04, 2020 12:30 pm

What a great word. It’s even fun to say. Knoops, Knoopifier, Knoopified. I’m not sure if you can be Knoopified but my children have certainly tried their hardest since one arrived in a socially-distanced ‘knock and drop’ kind of way recently.

Hot chocolate. Just not hot chocolate as you know it, and not just that either. The Knoopifier can also whip milk until it’s light and fluffy or help you on your way to making a delicious cold chocolate milk (handy given the heatwave). The secret ingredient of a hot or cold chocolate that has been Knoopified (it is a word!) is the amazing range of Knoops chocolate buttons - you only have to call in to Knoops on St John’s Road to marvel in awe and wonder. These are the things that a chocoholic’s dreams are made of.

My doorstep drop came with two varieties – milk chocolate, a precise 34% and dark chocolate at 54%. If you choose to take out a subscription as an owner of a Knoopifier then you can select which three packets of buttons you receive each month, again delivered to your door like some kind of chocolate-winged angel bearing good gifts. Some may already know the happiness that comes with a fresh batch of coffee pods. Now imagine how it would feel if that was chocolate.

Back from the daydreaming and into the world of an elegant and easy-to-use, easy-to-rinse (the bit that gets messy also gets to go in the dishwasher), Knoopifier. We’ve tried our hand at three things.
Firstly, cold chocolate milk. Pour in the milk, add the buttons, press the button and wait. While the machine is whipping your chocolate in its calm manner, prepare a tall glass and stack it with ice. The Knoopifier bleeps to let you know it’s done, then simply pour over the ice, topping up with some more nice cold ice cold milk to get it just so. Sip through an environmentally-friendly straw. Happiness.

Secondly, affogato. Pour in the milk, add the buttons, press the button and wait. While the machine is whipping your chocolate calmly (as above), scoop vanilla ice cream into small (or big if you’re hungry) bowls or glasses. Once the Knoopifier has bleeped, pour directly over the ice cream as required. Pick up a teaspoon and eat. Delicious.
Finally, hot chocolate. Pour in the milk, add the buttons, press the button and wait. While the machine is whipping your chocolate, calmly reach for your favourite cup. Hear the bleep, pour out the light, fluffy, hot chocolate. Enjoy. 

After several weeks, and once you’ve perfected the art of the Knoopifier (not very hard, as above), you might choose to remove it from the secret spot under the stairs and share it with the family. Or maybe not. 
How about Knoopifing the dads in your world this Father’s Day? He might love you all even more than he already does (and you could always keep your own stash of chocolate buttons hidden in your drawers). Off to try my hand at a mocha next, or maybe a chocolate milkshake....
Knoopology (another great word!) is the craft of making the perfect drinking chocolate and with the Knoopifier you can be just like one of the Knoopologists (and another one!) in store, turning a great range of chocolate percentages (from 28% white to 96% extra dark) into a variety of delicious forms. 
To find out more about the Knoopifier, and for details of the subscribe and save club, visit 
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64 St John’s Road
SW11 1PS
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Weekends 8am-7pm
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