9 year old finds needle on Clapham Common

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9 year old finds needle on Clapham Common

Postby Annabel (admin) » Tue Jul 14, 2020 4:27 pm

I have been asked to share the following by a local mum.

' On Clapham Common today, my 9 year old son ran over to me with this in his hand. He found it discarded on the common nearby the bandstand, as he was running around playing with his younger sister (6)

Please be aware and keep a closer eye on your kids, especially toddlers or young ones who might not know better. And your dogs!

Luckily my kids and dogs were okay but I’m sad and angry as well as very concerned'

PLEASE SHARE to raise AWARENESS OF THIS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FIND in our COMMONS, it’s not the first we have seen discarded unfortunately'

Annabel x
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