Review - The new Toniebox audio toy

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Review - The new Toniebox audio toy

Postby joNVN » Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:30 pm

Review - Toniebox 

NappyValleyNet was lucky enough to be sent a Toniebox Starter Set and a couple of extra Tonies to review.
If I'm being completely honest, I wasn’t quite sure what a Toniebox was, how it would work or whether we would use it. However, my 3 children did!. So, after a super quick set up (you just have to create an account and connect it to your wifi) we all soon discovered the fun of Tonies. Half an hour later, one argument on who was using it first, and which tonie to use - we were away! 

The Toniebox is a great way for the children to listen to stories and music using the various Tonie figures. The box itself is a clever WiFi enabled speaker made just for kids. It is squishy and has no sharp edges and durable so it can withstand any drops! It’s super easy for children to use with ears to control the volume, and simply move to fast forward and rewind (the recommended age is 3+).  

The Tonies themselves are cute hand-painted models which children can use to select the stories or songs they want to listen to. Simply place the Tonie on the top and whatever is loaded onto that Tonie will download to the box and begin to play. Our youngest is 3, and it took no time for her to know how they work and that each character represented a different story. 

There are so many Tonies to choose from both fictional and non. Little Red Riding Hood plays different fairy tales, Disney’s Simba will play Lion King themed content (great to sing along to) and Whales and Dolphins - Secrets of the Deep Sea (which our 6 year old loved and is quoting lots of sea related facts). 

The starter kit also comes with the creative Tonie. This has a preloaded story, however, you can also go into your Tonies account and download more content (up to 90 minutes). We had great fun downloading and recording stories, songs and silly voices. Our “too cool for school” 8 year old even recorded his recently written poem, simply entitled “Disgusting Poem” - I won’t recite. 
Once you've downloaded, you will be able to listen to the content on the go as the Toniebox does not require batteries as it comes with a charging station. Perfect for long journeys in the Summer holidays. 
Our opinion - the Toniebox is a great toy, and it has already established itself as a favourite in our house. All 3 children can share, using their own Tonies independently. For parents it provides great imaginative play away from screens and with such a wide range of Tonies and creative possibilities it will hopefully prove not to be a passing fad! Just choose the Tonies wisely, as you’ll hear them a lot!!!

For more information:
Or visit QT Toys on Northcote Road, who have a great selection #supportlocal

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