Day nursery BTC/nightingale triangle

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Day nursery BTC/nightingale triangle

Postby balhambloke » Fri Aug 14, 2020 12:40 pm

Hi all, I have looked at some of the past posts on the topic but as it appears nurseries can change in character over time, I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback / suggestions?

We are having our first child next month and want the child to start part time after 6m, moving to 5 days after 12m. It’s hard to define what’s important in a nursery for us as it’s our first one but a loving environment and opportunities to develop would seem like things important to us. Sorry if they are obvious!

We looked at Balham Rainbow - we thought the staff were great but must be honest and say we were a bit underwhelmed by the actual space for 0-2yr olds. Again, we are trying to keep open minded as we’re new to it all and we looked in the evening (no children around).

I got a recommendation for Bright Horizons and their Northcote Road nursery failed to call us for a scheduled introduction and worse still, seemed pretty arrogant when I had to follow up. I don’t get a great feeling on them and also notice complaints on their ofsted listing.

We are going to look at Nightingales and Grove Hall too.
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