Need Help With Facebook Advertising?

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Paul McGill
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Need Help With Facebook Advertising?

Postby Paul McGill » Fri Sep 11, 2020 5:23 pm

Is your business missing out on the massive potential of Facebook advertising. Do you want to boost your brand and business?

Many business waste thousands of pounds with ineffective campaigns – Facebook advertising is much harder than you are led to believe.

Based in London I have many years’ experience in financial services. I help run My Parenting Solutions, an online parent coach business with my wife. I have extensive experience working with Google Ads and Facebook ads manager.

I can set up and teach you how to run a digital marketing strategy on Facebook. In Zoom calls you will learn how to use social media to boost and grow your business including setting up business pages and running campaigns specific to your brand. You will hence reduce the future need for external consultants.

Main services in Facebook Marketing including-

1. Creation of Business page
2. Create promotion and run ads.
3. Accurate audience targeting
4. Pixel Setup
5. A/B testing
6. Events promotion
7. Ongoing analysis of results and fine-tuning to maximise efficient marketing spend.

Business often lose control of their contact data, I can streamline your databases to get your message out there better. And I have extensive experience as a website developer with Kajabi software and running webinars.

Get in touch for a free initial consultation..

Here’s what clients have to say:

“I worked with Paul setting up my online course to support new Yoga Teachers. He was very comforting and efficient at creating my campaign, and has provided excellent on-going support to help me get my message out there. I can highly recommend him”
Fenella Lindsell, Yoga Forever Academy

Call or text: 07974 562772
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Re: Need Help With Facebook Advertising?

Postby Christinois » Sun Oct 04, 2020 6:35 pm

Same problem with me. BTW, I want to make it not only Trackhawk related - I want to make it popular too. As far as I understand it's hard to be done. One of my friends told me how of raising the instagram followers - he did it last year and now his Instagram page is very popular. But I want to make it other way. I will buy followers only if I won't find another way to make my page popular. The main problem is to make interesting content, I guess. And that's not so easy.
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