Review: Brunch at Pi, the pizza place on Battersea Rise

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Review: Brunch at Pi, the pizza place on Battersea Rise

Postby Community Editor » Fri Sep 25, 2020 8:57 am

Pi, the pizza place on Battersea Rise is doing brunch!

And what’s more, it’s delicious!

Breakfast and lunch together! My kids couldn’t wrap their heads around this magnificent mash up of their two favourite meals. And although brunch was something I did pre-kids when I could actually enjoy hours of eating and drinking without incessant demands for Youtube or Roblox, I never thought it would be something I would be enjoying with them, until now that is!


They wanted pancakes with whipped cream and that’s what they got, with strawberries and berry compote constituting two of their five a day, of course which went down a treat with much umming and ahing and proclamations that “we must do brunch every day, Mummy,” from my six year old son.


I ordered the sweet potato rosti, harissa, spinach, poached eggs and Greek yoghurt; and everything was cooked perfectly. The harissa had a bit of a kick but wasn’t too hot, the rostis were ever so slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the potato dipped in the runny egg was quite simply, yummy.


My husband’s dish was definitely made for the more hungry customer. He ordered the streaky bacon, avocado, scrambled egg, jalepeno jam sandwich and was just as satisfied as the kids as he sat across me with a smile that only a full stomach can attest to.

Sadly, for my son, Pi don’t do brunch everyday, otherwise we would all be the size of a house, but thankfully they do serve it up every Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 2pm. If you haven’t already been there for pizza, pi has such a relaxed and friendly vibe about it, it’s the perfect place to take your kids and there’s a magical, fairy tree growing inside too! Now that should pique their interest!

To book a menu or to see the brunch menu, visit:

Address: 4-6a Battersea Rise
SW11 1ED
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