Bra Fitting Appointments at Amelies Follies, Webbs Road - A Review

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Bra Fitting Appointments at Amelies Follies, Webbs Road - A Review

Postby Clare (Admin) » Fri Oct 16, 2020 12:25 pm

Bra Fitting at Amelies Follies, Webbs Road – A Review

I love our local boutiques – their gorgeous ranges expertly edited and curated, the boutique environment making shopping fun and inspirational, their expertise, their personal service, their stylish eye and their ability to problem solve around the Corona Virus restrictions with common sense and a smile.  Shopping with them is a pleasure.

One such gem is the lingerie boutique Amelies Follies on Webbs Road.  Every Autumn I normally buy two smooth, nude, matching bra and knicker sets to see me through jumper season.   It was situation critical.  I was down to one everyday bra as, somehow, the other had found its way into the tumble dryer and hadn’t survived the experience.  With all the various restrictions in place, I thought that finding the right bra was going to be a bit of an endurance test of trial and error and an endless stream of returns.   How wrong was I, as Amelies Follies offers one to one bra fitting appointments with reassuringly strict Covid 19 protocols in place so you can actually try everything on whilst benefitting from Catherine’s expert eye and wealth of experience.

The one to one bra consultations are by appointment only which is really easy to book through the website.  Sadly, given the current circumstances, popping in to have a quick browse / try on isn’t possible.  Everything has to be booked.   BUT, the system that Catherine has put in place enables customers to browse AND to try on.  So very rare in most places currently.

At the start of the appointment, I hand sanitised immediately as did Catherine.   We were both wearing masks and we both wore them throughout the consultation.  Then it was business as usual, a chat about what I was looking for and on we went.  The Covid protocols were discreet so they didn’t get in the way of or detract from the shopping experience.  Catherine has built in extra time between appointments so that the Covid safety measures can be thoroughly undertaken between appointments.  For example, the changing rooms are fully disinfected after each appointment, as are till points, all surfaces including the chair in each changing room.  The changing room curtains have been replaced so that they can be wiped down and disinfected between each appointment.  But as I said, all that goes on quietly in the background, between appointments. 

After a fun trying on session, I came away with two perfectly fitting lingerie sets – one nude, the other, very surprisingly - red.  A few weeks in, and Catherine you are right - the red bra is the one I wear the most, even though the nude is the more traditional T-shirt bra.  The red lace lies flat giving a smooth line under blouses & jumpers etc and, what a revelation, can be worn under white and cream.  The red disappears like magic!   This was all achieved well within my 1-hour appointment time.  Frankly, I see it as time saving and an investment in me.  It would have taken me hours to trawl websites, find sizes, try on, umm & ahh about fit and style, do the returns and do it all again if the first lot hadn’t been quite right.   What a palava!  This was done & dusted within the hour.  It was a pleasure and I am confident that I have the right fit and the bra for me.  I came away feeling upbeat having actually enjoyed shopping like, almost, old times.

I appreciate that in these uncertain times this can all seem to be a bit of an indulgence and spenny.  However, a really good fitting bra is self-care, we need to look after our boobs ladies, and your clothes look and hang so much better so you feel good too.

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Re: Bra Fitting Appointments at Amelies Follies, Webbs Road - A Review

Postby AFollies » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:18 pm

Dear Clare,

thank you for your kind review. We are delighted that you enjoyed your visit, that you felt safe when you were with us and more importantly that your are loving your new lingerie. We hope to see you again soon.

The team @ Amelie's Follies
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