NVN REVIEW: Canvas & Peg London Christmas sleepover party

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NVN REVIEW: Canvas & Peg London Christmas sleepover party

Postby Community Editor » Fri Nov 27, 2020 6:34 pm


Amazed, astounded, stupefied, and completely blown away is exactly how my sons, 9 and 6, felt when they walked in from school and saw the North Pole bang in the middle of our living room today!

Well, not really the North Pole, but we are convinced that Nicola Hayes, founder of Canvas & Peg London is an elf in disguise sent down to spread her Christmas magic on us mere mortals!

Nicola arrived whilst the kids were at school and quickly set about creating Christmas with tents, blow up mattresses, little breakfast tables (breakfast in bed, what a treat!), bedding and a pretty blank canvas suddenly became a winter wonderland right before my eyes with Santa garlands, blow up peppermints, battery operated fairy lights, sparkly cushions, Christmas lanterns, decorations and crackers, super soft blankies and some extra edible treats for the kids. Thank you, Nicola the chocolate and peppermint went down a treat – obviously, I didn’t get a look in!


Nicola is a local mum living Between the Commons. She started her sleepover party business just this September after her work in window dressing sadly dried up due to Covid. Needing a creative outlet, she swapped shop windows for kids’ parties and she’s been making kids up and down Nappy Valley squeal with joy ever since.

And although the kids can’t have sleepover parties with their friends yet, this is a really special way to brighten up lockdown, tier 2 and whatever tier we end up in next. Nicola is currently setting up parties for siblings and support bubbles. She practices Covid safety measures, ensuring that there is a rest period of 72 hours between hire and additional cleaning before and after use. All bedding is washed at 60 degrees and anything that can’t be washed, such as long pile cushions or plush toys are contained separately for 72 hours.

With everything we have all gone through this year, this isn’t just a treat for the kids, but for the whole family and it made our night. Christmas came early this year, all tucked up watching Netflix’s “The Christmas Chronicles 2”, eating popcorn in bed half expecting Santa’s boot to pop down the chimney at any moment!


Nicola is still taking bookings for her Christmas sleepover parties, so get on their nice lists this Christmas and give her a call.

Plus, she provides free festive treats (dependent on any food intolerances).

But have no fear, her talents are many and she also does movie nights and birthday sleepovers with a wide range of themes covering unicorns, rainbows, rose gold, jungle and mermaids. Pirates and gaming themes are coming very soon too. She’s even taken a booking for a sister and brother with completely different interests so one side of the room is going to be mermaids and the other gaming- win, win all round!

Nicola can travel across South West London to sprinkle her sleepover magic in your home. She sets up and then collects everything the next day, so you don’t need to worry about a thing, except how your little cherubs are going to get any sleep at all with all this excitement!

To make a booking, contact 07709178636 and check out her Instagram @canvas_and_peg_london for all of her wonderfully themed tents.

Her Christmas deal includes two sleepover tents for £100, plus £50 refundable security deposit and £20 for any extra tents when you mention NappyValleyNet on booking.

We are so spoilt for choice with phenomenal local businesses and talents here in Nappy Valley so please support local as much as you can this Christmas.

I know it’s not December yet, but Christmas has well and truly landed in my house, so a very heartfelt Merry Christmas to you all.
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