Children's books to help young children explore big emotions.

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Children's books to help young children explore big emotions.

Postby H2H » Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:35 pm

Hi, my name is Clare and I'm a children's author based in SW18. 

Many young children, 3-8 years old, struggle with big emotions in their everyday lives and they can find it difficult to tell others how they feel. I write rhyming children's books to help children explore their thoughts, feelings and associated physical reactions to get important conversations started early.  Beautifully illustrated by Maria Floyd, my books tell stories through the eyes of different breeds of dogs, gently addressing fears and worries in a relatable way.  They also provide opportunity to talk about empathy, kindness and caring for others.

My books...
- are well researched. They address sensitive topics that have been worked on with clinical psychologists, teachers, Special Educational Needs teachers (SEN), parents, care-givers and children before going to print. 
- have key words throughout the story to help the young reader express themselves with the associated emotional, psychological, physiological and social aspects of the experience.
- help the young reader empathise with how others may, or may not, feel in certain situations.
- have three questions at the back to help reflect on the story, encouraging the child to relate to, and recognise, their own everyday thoughts and feelings i.e draw on their own experiences.
- compliment Personal Social and Health education (PSHE) curriculum teaching in primary schools for Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and early Key Stage 2 and are being used as a resource in a number of schools to help teach young children. I run interactive workshops using my books and provide activities for the children to engage in, based on the themes discussed.
- are accessible for dyslexic readers
- are environmentally friendly

I get my inspiration from being a mum of two teenagers, from running a dachshund hotel, and having had two previous careers as an Occupational Therapist for the military and working as a self-employed Life Coach.

The Little Paws Hotel books are available to buy online via Head 2 Heart Books website.
Happy reading. Happy chatting.

Clare x 
IG @clarelutherauthor @head2heartbooks 
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