Battersea Heritage: The invaluable Modern Sculptures of Battersea Park

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Battersea Heritage: The invaluable Modern Sculptures of Battersea Park

Postby Chris Van Hayden » Mon Jan 17, 2022 12:34 pm

Ever notices these two sculptures in the park?

The first is Henry Moore's Three Standing Figures and the other Barbara Hepworth's Single Form. Both works are the legacy of the Battersea Park Sculpture Exhibition from 1948. This was the first major public modern sculpture exhibition in Britain and such was its success, that it inspired similar exhibitions worldwide. The exhibition took place in the park's Sub Tropical Garden and attracted 125,000 visitors. The exhibition was held regularly every three years, with some breaks, the last one in 1977, the year of the Silver Jubilee.

The endeavour was part of Labour's new manifesto ‘Let Us Face the Future’, which aimed at democratising and spreading the provision of cultural heritage for the nation. This was after all the year the NHS was founded, and the newly formed, Arts Council was seen as the ‘the cultural arm of the Welfare State’.

At the time such works of art would have been perceived as high culture, but without doubt, the exhibition was a step forward in the popularising of modern art in Britain. I've included a photo of a copy of Hepworth's Single Form in front of the Headquarters of the United Nations in New York City, and a map where to find Moore and Hepworth's work in the park.

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