Attn SEND parents/carers

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Attn SEND parents/carers

Postby 2009Kat » Mon Jun 20, 2022 9:03 am
OFSTED and CQC will jointly revisit Wandsworth to evaluate how they have addressed areas of significant weakness since their last inspection in 2019. They require feedback from as many parents/carers and children as possible with SEND up to age 25 years living in the borough.

There are 3 ways you can contribute your views:
1) Ofsted will open up a survey on the 20th June at 12 noon. You will only have 4 days to complete it. Here is the link: ... isitLASEND.
2) You can email your views to Ofsted
3) You can get in touch with us (we are the named parent carer forum on the survey). Have a look at our website If you would like to join us and receive alerts when the survey goes live please click here ... A/viewform

It will be important for as many parents as possible to contribute their views to Ofsted so please *****share across your class, schools and other groups*****. If you have any queries about the Ofsted survey, please get in touch with us.

from SEND parent carers in Wandsworth

fb: SEND parent carers Wandsworth
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