Chimney safety...

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Chimney safety...

Postby TootSweep » Fri Jan 12, 2018 5:08 pm

How safe is your chimney?

As we are in peak season for open fires & log burners it's worth mentioning the subject of safety. The image below is the same chimney before and after being swept. If yours is more like the 'before' than the 'after' - it needs attention!

Sweeping is dust & mess-free. For £70 I will give your chimney a thorough but gentle clean ( the gentle bit is important with most properties being around 100 years old, the brick lining can easily be damaged by careless sweeping ) . A smoke-test is then performed and a certificate issued for your records.

Please find my details on this website :

Call or text on 07421 385091

Or email

Regards, Ian at TootSweep