Help with school-runs to Kingston needed from September

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Help with school-runs to Kingston needed from September

Postby chezzie » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:34 pm

No better place to ask but here.

From this September, I will have one child at a school in Chelsea (state school) and one in Kingston (special needs) - (LONG STORY!) - and no family etc to reach out to for help.

I would love to have someone come help early morning (7am) to follow my son to Kingston, while I take my daughter to Chelsea.

The same again for pick-up - 3.30 from Kingston to get back to SW17 whilst I pick up in Chelsea at the same time.

This would be Mondays to Fridays at this point.

Is anyone available and interested in this? You would need an up-to-date DBS record and good references - and I guess - something to do in Kingston during that time - such as studying or other work.

If you do - or if you know someone - please let me know.

My child, who will be starting school in Kingston, is a fun-loving, cheeky and sweet 12-year-old who needs a bit of guidance and assistance with getting to school with public transport.

Alternatively - a bus or taxi service offering this type of assistance where the driver has up-to-date DBS records is of interest - as is a lift club!

Please get in touch if you think you can help!


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