Pre/ Post Natal Pilates Classes - Just behind Southside shopping centre

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Pre/ Post Natal Pilates Classes - Just behind Southside shopping centre

Postby ChiaraPilates » Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:11 pm

  •  Pre/Post Natal classes - Wandsworth @ The Penfold Centre

    Local mat classes suitable for post-natal and first trimester of pregnancy, every Wednesday at 5.30 (50 min class)These very gentle and breath focused classes will help your body recover from the during and post partum “traumas“ you might have encountered. With a great focus on fascial release this class is also a guarantee for a speedy recovery from any degree of diastasis recti.It is suitable for pregnant women too, preventing diastasis is probably the best recovery, so don’t be shy and join the crowd! Should you have any questions or queries please do get in touch
  • Beginner classical Pilates mat class - Wandsworth @ The Penfold Centre                                  

Our mat classes follow the original order as first designed by Joseph Pilates, is a set sequence that together with your breath, warms up your body progressively. Every exercise will give you something to think about, something to work on, so you can leave your worries behind!
You will learn a lot about your body, in terms of anatomy, structure and movement as well as how all this applies to your own body!There is no such a thing as perfect form and everybody is different, but sure you will feel each exercise working your whole body like you never have before, just come with an open mind and a body willing to move!
Contact us to reserve your spot in these fab classes! Come connect with local people and learn some Pilates.

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