ELVIE Breast Pumps for Sale, used but not very often

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ELVIE Breast Pumps for Sale, used but not very often

Postby Jlevatino » Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:49 am

2 single ELVIE breast pumps available for sale.

used but in prestine condition.

the website wont let me upload pictures for some reason, so message me with your email and i can send you all the pics i have.

i really liked them, easy to use and so nice not being tied down! I once even pumped while driving to a doctors apt in central london!  being a mom of two that level of efficiency was great!!

but i really only needed them in the very beginning, once when we were traveling and then after the occassional night out, otherwise my body adjusted quite well. 

Now that my son is off to nursery and weve decided to use formula during the day I really cant think of when ill need to use them again.

all original accessories are included:
- breast pump hub w/ milk container
- 2 nipple shields (they give you 2 sizes)
- bra strap adjument pieces (which i never used but should have!)
- charging cable (VIP only the elvie micro usb cable can be used, others wont charge and you risk damaging the battery)
- travel bag
- manual

really easy to set up with the app on your phone.

super easy to clean, dishwasher safe! (not the hub obviously)

and if you have any questions the customer service helpful is great too, so friendly!

the single retails for £249, im selling mine for £175 each
(i originally bought one single and then realized having two was better so i have to sell them at the single price).

let me know if you're interested.

if you're within 30 mins or so of Clapham SW4 i can deliver.


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