SELLING - Live Edge Oak Dining Table Set

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SELLING - Live Edge Oak Dining Table Set

Postby lorraine_guest » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:44 pm

Hi, as I was saying, we are moving from our current house (between the Commons) and we are selling a couple of items we cannot, unfortunately, take with us. 

This one is an "Oak Dining Table with Oak Benches"

It was made in 2012 by a small business called Whetstone Oak which has been featured by The FT, Architectural Digest etc.

The table is two book matched pieces of kiln dried Burr Oak with a live edge. The dimensions are roughly 220cm x 80cm x 6cm, with a 2cm gap along the centre. The base is comprised of two raw steel hoops measuring 50cm x 70cm x 10cm and thickness 1.2cm. The table has a hard wax oil and beeswax top coat.

The benches are two kiln dried oak pieces with square edges. The dimensions are 220cm x 34cm x 5cm. The base is two raw steel hoops per bench with 20cm set back from the edges and the total height is around 45cm.

The total price paid was £3,924.

As Whetstone Oak is a small bespoke business and the tables are unique sought-after pieces we would sell at no lower than the original price as they should go up in value. It unfortunately doesn't fit our new home due to the space in the dining room. We would want to find a nice home for this gorgeous item and to not use a specialist dealer or auction house as the first port of call.
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