Shy little ones and boosting their confidence before Christmas

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Shy little ones and boosting their confidence before Christmas

Postby Poppins30 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:44 am

It’s that time of year where the festive season is upon us. Your child is nervous before their Christmas play and while you tried to support them with helping make their costume, practicing their lines and songs you can't help but be worried that come the day of, they will be inaudible with their shoulder's hunched and a glum look on their face. After you've managed to get through to end of term and the school's break up, most families are either visiting or hosting relatives over the holidays. Again this is another challenging experience especially when your little one spends most of the time hiding behind mummy and daddy.

Whether you’re a parent, nanny or caregiver, the difficulty of trying to instill confidence in a child is completely relatable.
This online seminar will share with you tips and tricks for supporting confidence as well as answer your questions about your own individual child. ... 0091737466

Their are still dates available and each seminar is free this week but limited to 6 places in order for there to be enough time to answer all your questions, so please book quickly so you don't miss out!

Looking forward to helping you get the most out of your little ones and enjoy the holidays!

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