Battersea Chess Club looking for more women to join

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Battersea Chess Club looking for more women to join

Postby Community Editor » Thu Jan 17, 2019 3:00 pm

The oldest continually existing chess club in London is doing its part to encourage more women to take up the game.

The Battersea Chess Club (BCC), which was founded in 1885 and has around 80 members, acknowledges that not enough women play the game.

According to the English Chess Federation, out of 12,281 of their direct members in 2017/18, only 935 are women, 7.6%.

BCC secretary Leon Watson, 40, said: “The problem we face is that we don’t have very many women playing chess, and this is a wider problem than just Battersea Chess Club.

“We are desperate to attract some more female players to our club, turning out for our teams and taking chess seriously.”

The director of international chess at the ECF Malcolm Pein said: “What is clear anecdotally is that the female participation in the UK is way below the (low) level other European countries.”

Any ladies out there fancy joining the Battersea Chess Club? Visit:
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