Battersea MP breaks ranks with Jeremy Corbyn to demand Article 50 extension

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Battersea MP breaks ranks with Jeremy Corbyn to demand Article 50 extension

Postby Community Editor » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:44 am

Battersea MP and shadow minister, Marsha De Cordova has broken ranks with Jeremy Corbyn to demand that Article 50 is extended.

The Labour frontbencher said it was 'increasingly clear' that a second vote was needed and extending Article 50 would allow time for a fresh referendum.

Corbyn has repeatedly said that Labour will push for a general election but also keep the option of backing another referendum on the table.

The shadow work and pensions minister said the country “deserved better” than a choice between the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal or the possibility of leaving without the EU without a withdrawal agreement in place.

“To break the Brexit deadlock, it is increasingly clear that we will need to extend Article 50,” she said.

“This would give us the time to take this question back to the people, with a public vote on the deal."

She added: “In this vote, I would support Remain because I know it is the deal that works best for Battersea, for London, and for the country.

“A no deal Brexit is not an option: The government’s own economic analysis says it would hit GDP by 9.3 per cent over a 15-year period."

Her comments come a month after shadow sports minister and Tooting MP Rosena Allin-Khan heaped pressure on Mr Corbyn to “show leadership” and become a leading voice in the campaign for a second referendum.

She said: “Labour members and supporters are looking for Labour to show leadership. Jeremy Corbyn can become the leading voice in the campaign for a public vote, really shaping what the referendum would look like."

Marsha De Cordova was writing in the South London Press.

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