Spring time blossoms in Wandsworth - fancy becoming a tree warden?

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Spring time blossoms in Wandsworth - fancy becoming a tree warden?

Postby Community Editor » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:08 pm

Wandsworth's new street trees are putting on a blooming marvellous springtime display as they burst into blossom. 

Around a thousand new trees have been planted on Wandsworth’s pavements – 500 last winter and 500 this winter, plus more on housing estates and in parks. Another 200 street trees are due to be planted next winter.  

All borough wards have received new trees, with species including London plane, cherry, lime, pear, crab apple, rowan, oak, hazel, whitebeam, maple, hornbeam and birch.

In total the council looks after more than 60,000 trees in its parks, commons and open spaces while around 16,000 grow in residential streets and on the borough’s housing estates.

Many of Wandsworth street trees are monitored by local tree wardens.

Wandsworth was one of the first urban councils in the country to establish a network of wardens – members of the public who work with the council to keep a close watch on the health and well-being of trees in their neighbourhood. 

If you are interested in becoming a tree warden, email Wandtreeward@aol.com 

If you're feeling inspired by the glorious blossom, do share your photos. Post to twitter tagging @wandbc with the hashtag #wandsworthinbloom.
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