Here are the Putney's election candidates

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Here are the Putney's election candidates

Postby Community Editor » Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:15 am

Putney is all to play for in the General Election since Justine Greening stood down as MP.

It has been in Conservative hands since 2005, but the 2017 election was close, with just 1,554 votes between the Conservatives and runners-up, Labour.

Since Mrs Greening had the Conservative whip removed and stood down as MP, it has been a key target for Labour and the Liberal Democrats who want to win over remain voters.

Putney voted 72.24 per cent to remain in the EU referendum in 2016. 

But could Labour and the Lib Dems split the vote, and will the Conservatives’ silence on Brexit cost them votes?

Here’s a list of who you can vote for in Putney. 

Will Sweet, ConservativeImage

Will Sweet is a Conservative Councillor for Fairfield in Wandsworth, and is the borough’s mabinet member for education and children’s services. He also used to be planning chairman.

He grew up in Wandsworth, and worked for the Foreign Office for the last six years. During his time as a councillor he says he has been focussed on “delivering extra funding for schools and regeneration in Putney, Southfields and Roehampton and protecting us from bad development”, and as an MP wants to “wants to champion Putney, Southfields and Roehampton to give opportunity to everyone”.

Fleur Anderson, LabourImage

Fleur Anderson has been a Labour councillor for Bedford ward in Wandsworth since 2014, and was selected as Labour’s candidate for Putney a year ago in anticipation of a snap Brexit election. She says she first got into local politics “when the council shut down my local children’s centre and Tescos nearly shut down my local pub.”She currently works as head of community services at the Katherine Low Settlement Community Centre in Battersea, running youth services and projects for elderly people, and has previously worked for She says she is “pro-Europe and proudly remain” and pledges to have a People’s Vote.

Sue Wixley, Liberal DemocratImage

Sue Wixley moved to the UK 20 years ago, and now lives in Southfields.She was a campaigner against apartheid as a student in her native South Africa and co-founded the South African Campaign to ban landmines. She has also worked for Oxfam and served on the board of the Consortium for Street Children. In Putney she is campaigning “for our right to have a say on a final Brexit deal, for confronting the global climate emergency, for social housing in Roehampton, for greener streets and against Heathrow expansion and food poverty.”

Teixeira Hambro, The Brexit Party


It may be a long-shot in a heavily-remain area in central London, but Teixeira Hambro won’t let that phase her as Putney’s candidate for the Brexit Party.She says she is a “businesswoman and home-maker,” who has lived in London since 1975 and will “offer a democratic alternative that is loyal to the referendum result.”OthersThe Green Party are still in the process of selecting a candidate for Putney as their previous candidate had to temporarily leave the country.The Renew Party have chosen not to field a candidate in Putney as part of their commitment to the “remain alliance,” not to split the vote.
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