South Western Failway website launched to mock delays on South Western train lines

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South Western Failway website launched to mock delays on South Western train lines

Postby Community Editor » Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:27 am

A prankster has set up a website mocking South Western Railway with a fake shop - where customers are told to expect delays with every order.

Lee Allen set up South Western Failway "inspired by SWR's consistently sub-par service" because his commutes are constantly delayed.

The website coincides with the 27-day RMT strike on the SWR network throughout December over the future role of train guards.

The 27-year-old creative, who works at an ad agency, lives in Surbiton, south west London, and estimates he's been late to work more than 100 times because of the South Western Railway service, before the strike even began.

He said: "Sending them abuse on Twitter wasn't getting me anywhere so I thought I'd try a different approach, which hopefully will draw a bit more attention to the issue and give fellow passengers something to smile about.

"If I get to the station right now at my normal time I'm faced with packed trains, most of which I can't fit on to, so it's either a case of getting there super early or getting to work late."

The parody store offers a variety of goods, including "Failextric - the game nobody wants to play this Christmas", "Delayonaise - leaves a bad taste in your mouth", and the "South Western Failway bowling ball - strikes guaranteed".

Other products include sardines, and a 'not so instant noodles' that take up to one hour to cook.Lee said: "I tried to think of something for each of the many different South Western-related issues, from strikes to signal problems to general delays.

"I created all of the artwork myself using a number of different Photoshop mock-ups.

"I've had a surprising number of people trying to purchase them. Initially, they were listed for sale but I've had to change the site's settings when real orders started coming in.

"I didn't think the Not-so Instant Noodles were fooling anybody, but how wrong I was."

The website about section provides some insight into why it was created.

It says: "After another year of disruption, delays and disappointment, topped off by a 27-day strike over Christmas, it's become apparent we have no idea how to run a train service.

"So with an extended Christmas break ahead of us, we've turned our attention elsewhere... introducing: the South Western Failway store."

Lee said the strike has only added to his and many other commuters' frustrations.

He said: "Regarding South Western Railway, while I think the RMT are being equally foolish in terms of the current strike, our issues with South Western go way beyond the strike.

"We've been faced with problems since the day they took over and late-running trains have become normalised under Andy Mellors' watch."

To see the website, visit: 

Photo: South Western Failway website launched

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